By ASP Microcomputers

ASPTraq Network Terminal 

There are many applications that need to be part of a PC Network, such as Production Tracking, but for reasons of cost or space, don't justify use of a conventional PC. ASPTraq™ has been designed for these applications.

·      Rugged design

·      Clear four line by 20 character LCD display

·      Easily cleaned membrane keypad

·      Barcode scanner options

·      10 megabit Cat 5 ethernet interface

·      RS-232 port

·      Optional relay for low voltage switching

·      Optional ASP Datatag socket (Rugged memory chip identification reading & writing)

·      One year warranty

Although not itself a PC, ASPTraq uses "thin client" technology so it can be quickly programmed in Microsoft's VBScript language. Under program control, it can instantly interact with all the facilities of the network, such as printers, files, and email, yet the attractive and compact unit (W 95mm, D 190mm, H 30-55mm) occupies bench space equivalent to only a third of an A4 sheet!

The ASPTraq Terminal is ideally controlled by ASP's RFolution!™ Rapid Development Environment. RFolution! applications are simply written in Microsoft's VBScript, with on screen visual simulation of the ASPTraq Terminal. Applications can in fact be written and tested without the ASPTraq units. RFolution! takes control of the complexities of multiple terminals running at the same time, including security, logging, inter-terminal operation, etc.

Because the VBScript programs actually run on the supervising PC where RFolution! is located, all the resources of the PC and the network it's connected to are available - printers, email, disk space, everything. You have access to Microsoft's connectivity standards, such as ODBC and ADO, to interchange data with your existing programs and databases. RFolution! can also control intermixtures of ASPTraq units and Radio Frequency Terminals, for even greater long term flexibility. RFolution!'s on screen visual simulation of the ASPTraq Terminal even allows applications to be written and tested without the ASPTraq units.