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Wed May 22 2019

75 Ohm CATV Cables

By Belden Australia Pty Ltd

The 75 Ohm CATV offering includes trunk, distribution, drop and headend cables. The distribution and drop coaxes feature Belden's innovative, high-performance Duobond Plus® shielding and/or Belden's Duobond® II shield. Offering longer life expectancy and superior electrical /mechanical performance in hardline the cables are designed to withstand all kinds of environmental elements. All products are are engineered to withstand jacket damage and corrosion and to optimize faster and easier installation.

Duobond Plus®
Belden's Duobond Plus® has a three-shield construction consisting of a Duobond® II (foil tape) surrounded by a braid and an outer layer of foil with a unique shorting fold which creates the effect of a solid metal conduit. This combination offers superior high frequency shielding when compared with traditional Quad shields. Duobond Plus® is faster to install, because the outer tape shield is bonded to the jacket and can be stripped easily in one step. Furthermore, this construction gives Duobond Plus® a smaller bending radius, greater flexibility and, compared to quad shielded coax, a 10 percent weight reduction.

Duobond® II

The foil /braid type combines Duobond with an outer braid. This is added to provide greater protection against interference and to increase overall tensile strength. The
combination foil/braid shield combines the advantages of 100% foil coverage with the
strength and low DC resistance of the braid.

Belden has developed low-smoke (LS), fireretardant (FR) and zero-halogen (ZH) cables. These three properties are annotated as FRNC/LSNH (also known as FRNC/LSZH).