726 Precision Multifunction Process Calibrator

By Fluke Australia

Fluke Corporation, the world leader in handheld test and measurement tools introduces the Fluke 726 Precision Multifunction Process Calibrator, specifically designed to provide the calibration power, accuracy and broad workload coverage required in the process industry.

The Fluke 726 delivers accuracies of 0.01 percent, and measures and sources key process parameters including volts, mA, RTDs, thermocouples, frequency, resistance and pressure.  It features a transmitter error percent calculation function and can interpret calibration results without a calculator for improved productivity.  Additionally, the Fluke 726 can store up to eight calibration results, enabling later analysis of field data.

The 726 Precision Multifunction Process Calibrator extends Fluke’s line of handheld calibrators into a new category of precision field calibration, and is an addition to Fluke’s comprehensive process tool product line that includes calibrators encompassing loop, temperature and pressure parameters.