Girth Gears (Segmented)


SEW-EURODRIVE can produce segmented girth gears with a pitch diameter up to 16 m and a width up to 600 mm. Due to the segmented design principles even larger diameters and widths are possible. The power range reaches up to 2500 kW per pinion.

The use of special ADI cast material means that SEW-EURODRIVE girth gears have industry leading material properties providing minimal wear. This enables SEW to offer a smaller tooth width than competing technologies can, allowing customers to save on the overall system.

Girth gears are used to drive grinding mills, kilns and rotary dryers. The solution requires a high level of consulting. SEW-EURODRIVE can also help customers find technically and economically optimised solutions for other applications.

  • Girth gear pitch diameter of approx. 16 m (larger diameters are possible)
  • Maximum width 600 mm
  • Maximum power 4000 kW per pinion
  • Maximum pitch line velocity 6 m/s
  • Girth gear module 20, 25, 30, and 40
  • Calculation according to either AGMA or ISO standards
  • ADI Material:
  • Min. 1000 MPa Tensile
  • Min 5% Elongation