MFR Brake Module

By Mechtric
  • MFR Brake Module

  • DC injection brake for motors up to 55kw
  • Rated currents to 100A
  • Adjustable braking torque and braking time
  • Adjustable output voltage
  • Over voltage protection
  • Internal fuses
  • Fault and protection indicators

Line Voltage: 230/400, Vac 1ph 50/60Hz
Brake Time: 4 to 40 sec
Output Voltage: 0-35% of supply voltage
Brake Torque: 0-50%
Indication: 3 x LED
Outputs: 1 N/O 125V 6A brake control, 1 N/C 125V 6A start control
Inputs: 230V AC control supply, N/C volt free contact for brake command
Protection: IP20
Temperature rating (°C): 0 to +50
Construction: ABS enclosure