Remote control software for ADX... types

By Mechtric
  • Remote control software for ADX... types

The remote control software consents to the PC supervision of all ADX soft starter functions, including: parameter set-up, real-time readout display, graphics of monitored parameter data during operation and starter events log display, each with time and date entry.
The PC-ADX connection is made by cable via the RS232 port, RS232/RS485 converter, analog or GSM modem.
The RS232 port is not suitable for permanent connections.
The connection via modem permits the ADX starter to advise alarm conditions, that is an automatic link to the remote PC.
GSM modem represents the ultimate solution for unmanned applications or where there are no telephone lines.
Interesting communications features are available with this type of modem, such as:

  • SMS (Short Message Service): At alarm conditions, the ADX can send its ID and alarm code, with time and date entry. The advantage is the possibility of reaching service people, without delay, wherever they are located.
  • E-mail (via Internet): a message with the same structure as mentioned above can be transmitted to a specified mailbox. The advantages of this type of message with respect to the SMS are that any communication, received through Internet mail server, is permanent and an vast number of these can be received and reviewed at any time.

General characteristics

  • Display of all the monitored data by the ADX starter
  • Virtual ADX keypad with access to all functions
  • Parameter adjustment, only accessible with password, saving on disc and subsequent reloading on ADX starter
  • Display of starter events log, showing time and date entry
  • Graphics display of monitored data during operation
  • Connection through RS232/RS485 converter or modem
  • GSM-modem management with SMS or e-mail transmission
  • AUTOCALL function for automatic PC call
  • Program configuration in 4 languages (Italian, English, Spanish and French)
  • Easy installation and set-up.


  • GSM network management for inaccessible applications where there are no telephone lines
  • Call management during alarm conditions for SMS or e-mail transmission
  • No limit for remote control distance
  • Possibility of remote motor starting
  • Reduction of service time
  • Reduction of maintenance and downtime.

Operational characteristics
Minimum hardware requirements of the personal computer:

  • Windows 95/98 operating system
  • Pentium 100MHz or faster processor
  • At least 16MB of free RAM
  • About 4MB of free hard disk memory
  • Graphic card having at least 800x600 resolution
  • One free serial interface port
  • CD-ROM drive.