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Remote keypad and accessories for ADX… types

By Mechtric
  • Remote keypad and accessories for ADX… types

General characteristics
The flush-mount ADX TAST remote keypad is identical to the one on board the soft starter except for the start and stop controls of the motor, which are permanently disabled. With this keypad, starter setup can be conducted, motor readings and operating data displayed and data and parameter transfer (ADX remote keypad) made, as well.
A backup copy of the starter data and parameter setup is obtainable with the transfer functions. In this way, quick and easy setup operations can be done especially with machines assembled in series.
The baud transmission rate, the contrast and backlight can also be adjusted by this keypad.
It is supplied standard with a 3 metre long cable and suitable connectors to complete the link to the ADX RS485 port. The three terminals of the keypad supply are removable.
For longer distances, this keypad can be connected to the ADX RS232 port via RS232/RS485 converter.


  • Flush mount
  • Messages in selectable language
  • Readings display
  • Parameter setup
  • Two-way data and parameter transfer.