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Mon Jan 21 2019

STL Starting Torque Limiter

By Mechtric
  • STL Starting Torque Limiter

  • Allows smooth starting of AC induction motors
  • 1 controlled phase
  • Rated currents 15 and 25A, rated voltage up to 600V
  • Versions for 1ph or 3ph motors
  • Adjustable ramp up, and initial torque
  • Unlimited starts/hour
  • No by pass required
  • Compact DIN rail mounting
  • Meets IEC 60947-4-2

Line Voltage: 208-480V 3ph or 1ph 50/60Hz, (Optionally - 550-600V 3ph)
Rated Insulation: 660V
Impulse withstand Voltage: 4kV
Control voltage: None - operates when mains is applied
Leakage current: 5mA
Minimum operational current: 50mA
Power Dissipation: 1W/A
Protection: IP20
Temperature rating (°C): -5 to +40 (up to 60°C with 70% de-rating)
Construction: Self extinguishing PPO, anodized aluminium heatsink
Weight: 690g