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Wed Jun 26 2019

X Series: Helical and helical-bevel gear unit (up to 475 kNm)


The robust helical and bevel-helical gear units that are part of the X-Series of industrial gear units cover a torque range of 6.8 to 475 kNm. The intelligent, comprehensive gear unit concept features finely graduated size, variable installation and a wide variety of modular options that are sure to impress users.

When it comes to helical and bevel-helical gear units, nearly any mounting position or shaft arrangement can be implemented. The X-Series’ finely graduated size and high power density results in savings in terms of both weight and cost. The large amount of pre-defined accessory equipment creates flexibility in terms of adjusting the unit to each respective application. This includes a wide range of modular options such as motor adapters and mounting flanges, backstops and cooling systems as well as sealing systems for the most varied environmental conditions.

  • Helical and bevel-helical gear units
  • Robust gear housing
  • Reduced cost and weight due to high power density and 23 finely stepped sizes
  • Effective cooling systems
  • Two mounting positions with single version
  • Shorter delivery times for standard versions and spare parts
  • Thermal housing option
  • Maximum torque: 58 to 475 kNm

In addition, SEW-EURODRIVE compiles drive packages for the customer that include such components as industrial gear units, a motor, couplings, brakes and steel frames. In this case, customers benefit from the fact that they can obtain the complete, fully assembled drive package from a single source.

For more information on the X Series click here.