Siemens Drives – SINAMICS S110

By CNC Design Pty Ltd

The servo drive for basic positioning tasks -

For many applications in machinery and plant construction, single machine axes must be positioned as simply as possible – however also quickly and precisely. SINAMICS S110 was specifically designed for this purpose. When it involves moving a machine axes reliably and with adequate performance from one position to another then SINAMICS S110 is the optimum choice.

SINAMICS S110 integrates all of the required positioning functions and can control both synchronous as well as induction servomotors. It supports the wide variety of encoder types most frequently used in practice. An analogue +/-10 V setpoint interface as well as various field bus interfaces are available to connect a SINAMICS S110 drive unit to a higher-level control.

Typical examples for using SINAMICS S110 drives include:

·         Handling equipment

·         Feed and withdrawal equipment

·         Stacking units

·         Automatic assembly machines

·         Laboratory automation systems

·         Tool changing mechanisms

·         Adjuster and actuator axes

·         Tracking equipment e.g. solar panels

·         Medical technology and health systems e.g. patient beds

SINAMICS S110 frequency converters distinguish themselves as a result of the integrated safety functions. All of the relevant safety guidelines and directives can be implemented without requiring any additional equipment and resources. As the safety functions are integrated they respond very quickly in critical situations to avoid damage to man and machine. Safety functions are either controlled using safety-relevant onboard input terminals or via PROFIBUS using the PROFIsafe profile.

Increased safety and productivity with integrated safety functions

·         Safe Torque Off (STO)

·         Safe Operating Stop (SLS)

·         Safe Stop, Cat. 1 (SS1)

·         Safe Stop, Cat. 2 (SS2)

·         Safely Limited Speed (SLS)

·         Safe Speed Monitor (SSM)

·         Safe Brake Control (SBC)

Standard and integrated in the SINAMICS family The SINAMICS S110 positioning drive has the same look and feel as the SINAMICS S120 motion control drive system. It is possible to quickly and simply migrate to SINAMICS S120 if a drive solution, equipped with SINAMICS S110 requires even more performance.

A Power Module PM340 – same hardware is used as for S120 AC drives – mounted with a Control Unit CU305 form a functional SINAMICS S110 positioning drive. An optional filter can also be integrated. The Power Modules are available in a wide range of power ratings from 0.12 kW to 90 kW and in low voltage (1-ph. 230V) as well as medium voltage (3-ph. 380–480V) versions.

The SINAMICS S110 single-axis drive can control linear axes just the same as rotary axes in-line with the particular application requirements. Axes can be positioned to absolute target points or moved through relative distances. An optional following error monitoring function that can be activated immediately issues an alarm if irregularities occur while traversing. The zero speed monitoring at the end positions also has an alarm function. When it is required jerk limiting can ensure that the axis starts and stops smoothly. As a consequence, even sensitive products or containers filled with liquid can be efficiently moved but at the same time carefully with low associated stress.

The ”MDI“ mode is the simplest way of positioning using SINAMICS S110. The positioning parameters (velocity, target position/travel distance – optionally also acceleration rates) can be entered from the higher-level control, and are activated by the start command. If required, individual parameters for positioning travel can be modified as the axis moves.

Simple traversing profiles can be implemented in the ”traversing blocks“ mode. Up to 16 position or  traversing distances can be saved in the drive together with the corresponding velocity and acceleration parameters. These traversing blocks can be executed either sequentially or according to additional criteria.

Goods randomly arriving on a conveyor belt can be brought into a precise position using the jog mode. Epos can be simply used to clamp workpieces using the travel to endstop function.

As drive converter for standard positioning tasks, SINAMICS S110 operates quickly and efficiently. This can involve machinery axes with a high dynamic performance, which define the primary process of a machine or plant, as well as also actuator axes that are less critical from a time perspective. SINAMICS S110 positions synchronous and induction motors with power ratings of up to 90 KW.

SINAMICS S110 is open when it comes to the source of the motor that is being used. The complete solution with motors from Siemens is a harmonized to create the optimum solution. Both 1FK7/1FT7 synchronous servomotors as well as also the smooth-running 1PH7 induction motors have electronic type plates and a digital DRIVE-CLiQ interface that permits drive systems to be quickly commissioned.

The SINAMICS S110 positioning drive is available with a PROFIBUS interface and supports standard protocols such as PROFIdrive and PROFIsafe for connection to a higher-level control system: Further, SINAMICS S110 can also be connected to a higher-level control via the CANopen interface. SINAMICS S110 can be optimally integrated into the SIMATIC automation system via PROFIBUS.

SINAMICS S110 – one of the most universal and safest positioning drives.