Siemens Drives – SIMODRIVE 611

By CNC Design Pty Ltd

The drive concept that moves your machine toward maximum productivity and flexibility –

With SIMODRIVE 611 we provide a converter system with digital closed-loop controls which meets the highest demands in terms of dynamic response, speed setting range, and smooth running characteristics.

With the SIMODRIVE 611 converter system, you can combine individual drive systems and easily tune them to the drive performance and the number of axes on machines.

SIMODRIVE 611 is a modular transistor pulse converter that enables multi-axis as well as drive combination solutions. Based on its modular design, SIMODRIVE always offers flexible, economic drive solutions tailored to the task at hand.

Over a million drives are in operation with the SIMODRIVE 611 system, especially in machine tools. The SIMODRIVE 611D closed-loop control plug-in unit is suitable for all three-phase motors and offers the ideal drive solution together with SINUMERIK 840D.

Thanks to the international seals of approval CE, EN, CUL, and a wide range of line voltage SIMODRIVE 611 is ready for operation anywhere in the world.

SIMODRIVE 611 consists of several individual function modules. Power-rated infeed modules supply a total power of up to 120 kW.

SIMODRIVE 611 takes into account different mains power supplies, making it operational all over the world: . Large range of mains voltage:

  • 3 AC 400 V, 3 AC 415 V, 3 AC 480 V
  • Direct operation on TN networks
  • Also operable on "selective universal current sensitive residual-current protective devices" in combination with mains filters tuned to the I/RF module (16 kW and higher).

I/RF modules for increased operational safety and a clear reduction of system perturbation:

  • Supplied by the closed-loop power interface modules, the drive axes operate independently of mains tolerances.
  • During braking, the excess energy is fed back into the power network for added utility.

Various cooling methods are available for the I/RF modules and power modules:

  • Internal heat dissipation
  • External heat dissipation
  • Hose heat dissipation

With the standard solution “Internal heat dissipation”, the heat generated by the power loss of the converter components in the electronics and in the power section is dissipated to the interior of the control cabinet. For the external heat dissipation the heat sinks on the modules are installed through the mounting surface in the control cabinet, allowing the heat from power loss of the power circuit to dissipate to an external ventilation system. The "mechanical interface", the external heat sink, allows for a degree of protection IP 54. Hose heat dissipation is available for 300 mm modules. The heat generated by power loss in the power section is dissipated from the cabinet via flexible hoses. The "mechanical interface" to the ambient air allows for a degree of protection IP 54.

In addition to the 1-axis version, SIMODRIVE 611 is also available in a 2-axis version. The 2-axis power module enables extremely compact set-ups. The SIMODRIVE 611 converter system mainly consists of infeed modules, power modules and closed-loop control units. The range is rounded off by a number of optional modules.

The SIMODRIVE power modules can be set to accommodate any motor. The SIMODRIVE 611D closed-loop control plug-in unit enables control of all kinds of motors, including synchronous, induction, linear or torque motors, for servo or spindle applications. The induction motors can be operated with or without an encoder depending on the application.

The SIMODRIVE 611D closed-loop control plug-in unit offers various encoder systems:

2-pole to 6-pole resolvers, incremental encoders with sin/cos 1 Vpp signals and up to 65,535 pulses, absolute value encoder with sin/cos 1 Vpp and EnDat protocol. It is also possible to connect a second, direct measuring system.

Aside from such classic drive functions as speed and torque control, SIMODRIVE 611 universal also offers integrated positioning functions in further standard versions, helping take a considerable load off the controller. In the traversing block editor, you can store up to 64 independent travers-ing blocks per axis in plain text. The SimoCom U startup tool, for example, enables easy entry and storage of the blocks during commissioning.

SIMODRIVE 611 - a modular system that gives you complete freedom in designing machines.