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Güdel Racks and Gears - Racks and Pinions

By CNC Design Pty Ltd

The right components for your precision application -

The range of positioning and drive technology components provides high speed, high acceleration and precise positioning of loads from 10 kg to several tonnes ­ making them particularly suitable for machine tool, automation and special machine building applications.


Güdel is one of the leading manufacturers of rack and gear components:

·         Racks and Pinions

·         Spur Gears

·         Worm Wheel Sets

·         Bevel Gear Sets


Güdel equipment is manufactured to ISO9001 quality standards


Racks and Pinions

Produced in both module and metric sizes from module 1.0 to 8.0 and 2 to 20 mm pitch Güdel’s drive pinions ensure high accuracy and low backlash operation when used in conjunction with the matched series of straight or helical form rack units. The rack and pinion range is available in three variations:

·         Straight teeth metric pitch

·         Straight teeth modular pitch

·         Helical teeth modular pitch


All Güdel racks are manufactured to close tolerances, ready for use in continuous runs without modification, and can be produced with pre-drilled mounting holes for rapid fixing.


In addition, they can be supplied with up to module 5.0 and 12.5 mm pitch in round profile to suit applications such as rotary actuation units.


Racks are available in steel in precision cut (Quality 7/8), precision cut and hardened (Quality 9/10), or hardened and ground (Quality 5/6) options capable of withstanding loads up to 50kN. They are also offered in stainless steel and a variety of special finishes to combat aggressive or corrosive operating environments.


A further range of low-cost injection moulded Polyoximethylen racks meets the needs of light to medium duty applications, while pinions can also be supplied in Lauramid metal composite for high resistance to stress cracking.


In addition, Güdel supplies fully automated rack and pinion lubrication systems to ensure high performance, low maintenance installations, even under the most arduous operating conditions.


Spur Gears

Our standard range of pinions contain a large variety of models in different qualities and materials such as steel, stainless steel and plastic.


Worm Wheel Sets

Our standard range of worm and worm gears contains seven sizes. Each size is available with 8 ratios and precision cut, tolerance of teeth: 8f24. You may select between hollow worms or worms with shaft.


The range is interchangeable without restriction. The large variety of our range should enable you to choose the right component for your application.


Bevel Gear Sets

As one of the leading manufacturers of drive components Güdel’s bevel gear range contains a large variety of materials, load capabilities and qualities:

·         Gears manufactured in steel, stainless steel, graphite cast iron, brass, zinc and plastic

·         Straight, helical and spiral teeth

·         In precision cut, hardened and ground and injection moulded


Our bevel gear range includes 3 specifications:

·         Gears for low loads

·         Gears for medium loads

·         Gears for high loads



For more detailed information please visit:


or contact our experienced engineer team, who will help you in your selection, and assist you in drawing up installation proposals and in the optimization of your application.