Güdel Gear units – Worm- and Planetary Gears

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  • Güdel Gear units – Worm- and Planetary Gears

For the perfect linear traversing axes -

We offer a wide range of precision gear units from a 30 to 180 size, up to a maximum of 8000 Nm, a ratio range from 2:1 up to 60:1 and with down to 50 Arc Sec Backlash. ­Complete solutions for power trains that require high dynamics, exceptional positional accuracy and repeatability, high efficiency and low noise.

Güdel has decades of experience in gear box construction and gear box technology. Drive components are manufactured in-house and make Güdel the gear box supplier of choice. The Güdel worm gear boxes are also used in our gantry modules and robot systems.

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Worm Gear Units

This range of gearboxes have been designed and built with today’s market demands in mind. The design gives excellent heat dissipation, universal mounting, different coupling options, and a wide range of versions. All gearboxes are lubricated for long life.

The housing is made from die cast aluminium, machined on all faces, and also provides heat dissipation properties.

The worms are of special steel, which is hardened and peeled, and the worm gears are made from bronze which has been produced using a centrifugal process. All guarantee a long working life.

The standard worm gear box range includes 6 sizes (30, 45, 60, 90, 120, 180). Each size is available with 8 different ratios (4.63:1 up to 47:1).

Güdel standard worm gearboxes have coupling options to meet various user requirements including flange fit for all of our Siemens Servomotors. The backlash of the gear is between 15 and 18 arc minutes and is not adjustable.

The range includes NA and FA units with solid output shafts, and NH and FH variants with hollow output shafts.

High Performance Servo Worm Gear Units

The Güdel high performance servo worm gear units are suitable for use when a high efficiency and reliability are required.

The AE-range of compact high performance gearboxes is available in 6 model sizes (30, 45, 60, 90, 120, 180) and 11 standard ratios (2:1 to 47:1). The units offer high output torque (up to a maximum of 8000 Nm for the 180 size), combined with exceptional positional accuracy and repeatability.

The complete range allows matching with any manufacturer's motors with any combination of plain, tapered, keyed or splined shafts. In addition, purpose-designed input clutch and output shaft disc plate couplings ensure minimal torsional loading, along with assured driveline protection.

Worm and worm wheel are manufactured to DIN 3975/76. Backlash is factory set to between 3 and 6 arc minutes, but the eccentric flanges of the hollow output shaft permit a simple setting and readjusting in the field.

The casings are fully machined and with its many fixing bores and tapped holes allowing mounted on any face and in any orientation, while integral cooling fins ensure optimum running temperatures, even under the most arduous duty cycles.

Already used world-wide throughout the machine tool, automation and special machine building sectors, Güdel AE series gearboxes are manufactured in-house to ISO 9001 standards and are supplied ready filled with high performance synthetic oil - giving trouble-free operation for up to 5 years before needing an oil change.

Planetary gear units

CNC Design supplies complete solutions for power trains that require high dynamics using Planetary Gear Reducers from Güdel (GSP). High-performance, high efficiency, low noise levels, highly accurate power transmission and exceptional torsional stiffness characterize our power train solutions.

The five-strong range features a two-stage drive gear arrangement, which results in a compact design, with low mechanical inertia and a torque range of 250 to 6000 Nm with the option to add high performance bevel gear drives.

The units' integrated high-performance taper roller bearings are close to the drive flange, to provide torsional and high tilting and radial stiffness, as well as a 2 to 3 times longer service life than other commercially available planetary gears.

They offer a high reliability due to wear resistant surface treatment and individually deburred teeth. Highest precision is achieved with the form-fitting design of the pinion.

Multiple mounting options for the rack thanks to precise grinding of all four faces and a wide range of motor options ensures high application versatility, making the gearboxes suitable for high precision, high efficiency, low noise power transmission.

Low Backlash Positioning and Drive Units

Low Backlash Positioning and Drive Units are based on the Duplex worm gear principle. The two worms and worm gear each have a different lead.

Through axial displacement of the worm, the backlash can be adjusted to a minimum (< 50-70 Arc Sec / better on request).

The flank contact will not be impaired and additional backlash adjustments are always possible without disassembling the gearbox.

The worms are manufactured to DIN 3975/76 and of special steel, which is hardened and ground. The worm gears are made from spheroidal graphite casting nitrated.

The casings are fully machined and with its many fixing bores and tapped holes allowing mounting in any position. The synthetic special oil for lubrication ensures a high degree of efficiency and smooth operation.

A special clutch on the input and a disc-plate coupling on the output shaft guarantee largely torsion and backlash free connections and mounting of any type of motor.

The NHS-Range gearboxes are available in 4 model sizes (30, 45, 60, 90) and 2 standard ratios (30:1, 60:1).

Bevel Gear Units

PV: for Small Loads

The angular drives type PV are designed for small loads and intermitted drive. The casting is made of Anticorodal with integrated lubrification serfs. The bevel gears are in POM. The angular drive does not need any maintenance.

HKF: for Medium Loads

The housing of this angular drive is made of die cast aluminium. The gears can be either in steel 34Cr4 or in plastic molded. The bevel gears are lubrificated for life.

FK: for Heavy Loads

The housing is made from cast iron GG 40, is machined on all faces and has universal mounting holes. The bevel gears are in steel 34Cr4 helical teeth and hardened.

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