AMO AMOSIN - Inductive Length and Angle Measuring Systems

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  • AMO AMOSIN - Inductive Length and Angle Measuring Systems

Dynamic and accuracy without any hysteresis -

Machine construction places the highest demand on the precision and reliability of measuring systems. Machine precision, in the range of micrometers, is hard to achieve in the very dirty environment found in machine tool operation.

In particular, our guided, encapsulated inductive length measuring systems satisfy exactly these demands, even when the length to be measured is extremely long.

The AMOSIN measuring systems are supplied in 2 principal versions: an open, non-contacting system, or as a guided, encapsulated system.

Operating entirely on an inductive basis, the AMOSIN systems achieve high precisions of up to +/- 5 μm/m, but are nevertheless very well able to resist environmental influences and extremely high resistance to shock and vibration.

The high precision is mainly due to the procedure used to manufacture the rigid steel measuring tape, and to the exceptionally high quality sensor signal, with deviations in the sine wave down to < 0.1 % harmonic content, as a measure of the achievable interpolation precision within the grating pitch.

Reference marks are integrated on the measuring tape, and can be supplied with a single, multiple, or distance coded patterns.

The purely inductive scanning allows for the high protection class IP67 where the operation of the systems is not affected by contamination and pollutants in the form of dust, smoke, or liquids.

Optical encoders require a complicated mechanical encapsulating enclosure, and also commonly incorporate air purging to protect the optical scale – neither which are necessary with the AMOSIN encoders.

Particularly noteworthy is the insensitivity from magnetic interference as there are no magnetic components in the purely inductive scanning and a completely different technology than magnetic encoders. As a result it is not at all sensitive to electromagnetic interference of any kind and has no measurement hysteresis (machine backlash error).

Miniature encoder heads with narrow 10mm width measuring tape make integration in space-limited applications easy. AMOSIN offers large scanning head clearance and tolerance.

As a result it also features very low dependency of the precision of the system on the operating temperature and has a standard working temperature range of 0-70 °C.

The evaluation electronics provides an incremental output either as a sinusoidal or as a square wave signal (RS-422).

The 1Vpp sinusoidal signal is available with period length down to 20 μm. Alternatively a TTL square wave output with resolution down to 0.125 μm can be used. In addition to the periodic quadrature signals (A, B and their inverted) a reference signal is output for the determination of absolute position.

  • Not sensitive to any soiling
  • Not sensitive to interfering magnetic fields
  • High precision and resolution
  • High dynamic range
  • No functional hysteresis
  • Integrated reference mark, also distance coded
  • Protection class IP67 and fluid submersible

LMI - Length Measuring Systems

Open non-contact, and guided inductive linear encoder systems are available for any measuring length.

With the inductive scanning principle, exceptionally high speed operation, and bi-directional repeatability of one encoder count the AMOSIN length measuring systems can be used in an exceptionally wide range of applications from precision measurement instruments, to high-dynamic linear motor applications, to the harshest applications in machine tools, where robustness along with precision are required.

The LMI-310 series consists of individual rail sections up to 4 m long that can be combined for measuring lengths up to 30 meters.

The individual rail sections have a groove on the top, into which a continuous steel measuring tape is laid with a locking “snap cover” holding the scale tape in place.

Alignment pins and clamps, including a tightening/stretching mechanism, allow the measuring tape to be fastened securely, which would permit multiple assembly/dismantling to be carried out without significant time and effort.

The linear guideway measuring carriage contains the sensing head, which guides the inductive sensor precisely over the integrated measuring tape.

The carriage wipers protect not only the guiding elements as well as the inductive scanning sensor. The LMI-310 measuring system is commonly used for machine tools and on linear axes with long travel paths. The high robustness of the systems is ideal for the reliable operation of linear motors.

Typical applications:

  • Machine tools
  • Direct drives
  • Metal plate working machines
  • SMT-pick and place machines
  • Measuring machines
  • Handling
  • Printing machines
  • Punching machines
  • Electronic production equipment
  • Hydraulic axes

WMI - Angle Measuring Systems

AMOSIN angle measuring systems can be applied to a wide range of applications due to the pure inductive scanning principle and the robust IP 67 rating.

A stable press-fit steel measuring tape ring scale provides the foundation for a flexible design and allows a wide range of ring scale diameters.

Almost any diameter from about 80 mm up to several meters can be provided. This opens the use for large application fields from the slow, extremely precise positioning of a turntable through to the high speeds and the closely controlled velocities of a machine spindle.

Typical applications:

  • Turntables
  • Swivelling axes
  • C-axes
  • Working spindles
  • Direct drives
  • Medical equipment
  • Printing machines
  • Roller positioning
  • Punching machines
  • Electronic production equipment

The integration of the AMO non-contact encoder ring scale directly onto the rotating part, very close to the bearing and without a mechanical coupling is the best solution for precision positioning and high accuracy.

Since the system has a high protection level - IP 67, it permits operation even in an oil bath. This offers compact integration of the inductive measuring system, leading to stiffer and space-saving designs, with lower masses and therefore lower moments of inertia.

The patented CHS model, which is a unique angle measuring system with self-calibration functionality, achieves very high accuracy on rotary axis.

Accuracy errors related to mechanical installation, disc eccentricity and bearing run-out are removed in an economical way. The MHS version is a dual encoder head system that eliminates eccentricities “real time”.

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