IM/IMS – Modular Housings

By TSS Company
  • IM/IMS – Modular Housings

IM and IMS series – Interface technology in modular housings

The interface modules of the IM and IMS series are incorporated in a compact housing which is simply snapped on a DIN rail EN 60715. They can be mounted close together, horizontally or vertically. The single and dual-channel IMS modules are 6.2 mm slim and offer functions such as galvanic isolation, signal conditioning and temperature detection.

The 18 mm and 27 mm devices of the IM series can also be screwed on a panel. Thanks to a great variety of functions, these interface modules are suitable for many applications. In addition, they are equipped with a universal power supply unit 20…250 VUC, or 20…250 VAC / 20…125 VDC for Ex devices, allowing them to be connected to all industrial power supply networks.

Our Strengths - Your Advantages:

Universal power supply units – Broad power range
Made for a broad power range of 20…250 VUC, or 20…250 VAC / 20…125 VDC, the IM modules can be connected to all industrial power supply networks. Device selection, stockage and spare parts inventory are thusconsiderably simplified. The universal power supply units from TURCK protect reliably against over and undervoltage, provided suffi cient reserve capacity and fulfill the requirements for explosion protection. Further advantages of the modern interface devices are their flexibility and simple handling: The module have only two terminals for power supply. You can apply AC as well as DC power. Bipolar connection of DC power is also possible.

Removable terminal blocks – Simple and error-free installation
The IM devices are equipped with removable terminal blocks to simplify the project planning, retrofitting and maintenance of systems. They are easily mounted, you avoid wiring errors when replacing devices and you reduce mounting and follow-up costs. The IMs are available with screw and cage-clamp terminals and feature a well accessible terminal chamber with space for a 2.5 mm2 thick wire (14 AWG). The connectors are coded with red pins, thus avoiding wrong plugging of terminal blocks.

Slim design, multichannel devices – High packing density
Separation, conversion, processing and conditioning of digital and analog signals – these are the unique features of the compact and slim IM and IMS devices. They are also available as dual and four-channel types. The multipurpose IM series off ers the full range of solutions in a modular snap-fit housing only 110 mm deep and 18 or 27 mm wide. Being only 6.2 mm slim and easy to parametrize via DIP switch, the single and dual-channel IMS modules set new standards in terms of channel density and flexibility. They can be mounted very close together side-by-side, thus saving space in the cabinet and still remaining user-friendly and reliable.

IM and IMS series – Interface technology in modular housings
The IM and IMS interface modules can be snapped on DIN rail acc. to DIN EN 60715 or screwed on a panel. Mounted sideby-side, they can either be aligned horizontally or vertically. The IM modules are also suitable for screw fixing on a mounting plate.

Different control concepts – Suited for every application
Interface modules have to prove their functionality in every day use. For this purpose, the devices have to meet the requirements of the application they are intended for. In order to meet the requirements in terms of handling, commissioning and diagnostics, our interface modules are available in different designs and also with different operating concepts. The product portfolio includes devices with DIP or rotary coding switch, teachable devices with intuitive menu navigation, up to modules that are easily parametrized and with FDT/DTM based diagnostics – we off er made-to-measure solutions for any requirements.

Broad choice of products – Made-to-measure solutions
The IM series with 1 to 4-channel technology offers multiple application possibilities for individual solutions. The devices combine features such as compact design, different operating concepts and configuration modes as well as many functions for separating, conditioning, processing, converting and adapting digital and analog signals. We also off er Ex area approved and SIL certified devices. No matter the purpose, whether for standard or special applications, for simple or complex requirements, manually adjusted or computer programmed, with standard status messages or different diagnostic functions: The IM series is universally applicable and covers the entire spectrum of tasks that need to be solved by efficient interface technology.