MOVIGEAR®: The Mechatronic Drive System

  • MOVIGEAR®: The Mechatronic Drive System

SEW-EURODRIVE - In many industries, such as the automotive, food and beverage industries, airport logistics or general intralogistics, the demands on conveyor and materials handling systems are becoming increasingly challenging and specific.

At the same time, the installation space available for accomplishing these tasks is decreasing. As a result, SEW-EURODRIVE is committed to researching and developing an optimum application solution.

The result is the mechatronic drive system MOVIGEAR®. It has an advantageous, compact design and is ideal for ensuringmaterials handling system are structured as efficiently as possible.

The housing has been optimized specifically for system applications and can easily be integrated in today’s conveyor systems. It also allows for new developments from an entirely new perspective.

This technology masters high breakaway and acceleration torque after longer system idling time without any limitations. The power required to drive the system can be reduced significantly.

MOVIGEAR® is the next logical step in the development of the economic and technically successful concept of decentralized drive systems.

Mechatronic drive system comprising motors, gear units and electronics

Already in the design phase, we aimed at comprehensive development.

MOVIGEAR® is distinguished by its high level of system efficiency, a significant factor in reducing energy costs.
Integration and coordination of all the drive components leads to a long service life and high system availability.

MOVIGEAR® is an intelligent system with its own control concept. Its high-quality networking helps reduce startup time and supports monitoring and maintenance tasks.

When combined with a functional user software, drive tasks can be solved as quickly and easily as possible.

Advantages of MOVIGEAR® – The Mechatronic Drive System:

  • Compact design: Motor, gear unit and electronics are combined in a single mechatronic drive system
  • Simplified system planning and design
  • A reduction in the number of variants enables the development and design of standard materials handling systems with ready-made and tested standard modules
  • Matching for power transfer of the drive engineering components is optimized to suit each application
  • Lower storage costs
  • High degree of protection
  • Hygienic surface design for hygiene, food and other aseptic applications
  • No air, dirt and germ swirls
  • Low noise emission due to fan-free operation (suitable for use in manual work stations)
  • Lower energy costs thanks to the high efficiency of all components (gear unit, motor, electronics)
  • High reliability thanks to systematic development of all components
  • Lower total and operating costs of the materials handling system

MOVIGEAR® designs

MOVIGEAR® is generally available in two basic sizes and two designs. For more information, see the section "Technical Data and Dimension Sheets".

MGF.2A (torque class: 200 Nm)
MGF.4A (torque class: 400 Nm)

MOVIGEAR® with hollow shaft and key
MOVIGEAR® with TorqLOC® hollow shaft mounting system

Examples of MOVIGEAR® – The Mechatronic Drive System:

The following illustration shows a MOVIGEAR® MGFT.2A unit with TorqLOC® hollow shaft mounting system and a MOVIGEAR® MGFA.4A unit with hollow shaft and key.