Shoe Cover Dispensers


The mechanically operated “SOYEE” Shoe Cover
Dispenser is the latest product in our range of
innovative equipment. It is practical, saves time and
effort and helps maintain a clean working environment.
The shoe cover dispenser solves the OH&S problem of
bending down and changing shoes or manually putting
on shoe covers before entering a clean facility or area.
The shoe covers help to control the spreading of
dust, dirt, moisture and other contaminants.
As per the operating instructions; simply place your
foot into the shoe cover in the dispenser and slide
the foot back to dispense the shoe cover.

• Mechanically operated – does not require electricity or batteries
• Easy to operate thus saving time and effort
• Reliable – Successful dispensing rate of over 99% when the bundle of
shoe cover is loaded correctly
• Safety – When using the shoe cover dispenser employees, clients,
patients or visitors are less likely to hurt their back as they no longer
need to bend over to put on shoe covers manually
• CPE Shoe covers fit comfortably on Size 13 Work Boots
• The Large Shoe Cover Dispenser holds 2 bundles while the
Smaller Portable Dispenser holds 1 bundle of shoe covers.

Ideal for use within Cleanroom Facilities, Computer Data Facilities, Laboratories,
Clinics, Hospitals, on Oil & Gas Barge Rigs, Mine Sites, Factories, Hotels, Offices,
Construction Sites and Real Estate open house days.