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Tue Mar 26 2019

High vibration and shock resistance pressure transducers for Caterpillar mining trucks and crawlers

By Bestech Australia

Bestech Australia introduces a digitally compensated pressure transducer (<± 0.1% FS accuracy) that has been used in front callipers on Lieberr mining trucks. This pressure transmitter offers high performance over temperature. Krystal Bond Technology alone offers excellent non-linearity and non-repeatability performance. When it is combined with the ASIC, the AST20HA stands out for its high performance pressure sensing at an affordable price.


- Krystal Bond Technology™ 
- ASIC Compensation 
- Temperature Performance 
- Real Time thermal compensation 
- Real Time linearity correction 
- Turndown capability

Applications / Industries

- Aerospace Hydraulic and Pneumatic Pressure Systems 
- Analytical Instruments 
- Hydraulic Pressure Equipment 
- Hydrogen Pressure 
- Laboratory / Metrology Equipment 
- Medical 
- Military Vehicles 
- Test Stands