Cable Hanger Bracket


Adept Direct Cable Hanger Bracket for lifting Cables & Leads –Wall Mounted.

Building on the success of the heavy duty Wall Mount Lead Hook, Adept Direct has released a new budget version.  The Cable Hanger Bracket incorporates a galvanized steel wall mounted bracket with dual screw holes for fixing to anything you can screw into.
The steel hanger bracket includes the extremely versatile Skyhook Lead Grip. This injection molded, non-conductive cable grip, can hold up to 8 cables, leads, pneumatic air lines or hoses.  

Like the Heavy Duty Wall Mount Lead Stand the Cable Hanger Bracket can be simply and quickly installed (and removed) anywhere cables and power leads need to lifted up off the ground. Cable Hanger Bracket can screwed to most temporary and fixed structures around building sites and construction areas. This includes site shed walls, timber frames, light steel framing, site hoarding etc. 

Adept Direct Cable Hanger Brackets are designed and made in Australia from local and imported components. The Cable Hangers are supplied assembled and come singularly, or in economical packs of 5, or 20.

As with all Adept Direct Safety Equiment, these Cable Hangers can be ordered online at