Owen Slim Line Swing Pedal on the Spohn + Burkhardt Operator Console

By Owen Custom Products Pty. Ltd

The Owen Slim Line Pedal has 'in cabin' access and ease of serviceability

The Swing Pedal can be fitted with either encoder, resolver or extra switches if needed

Virtually maintentance free. Due to the minimum of moving parts we envisage that this unit will be trouble free for many years, saving thousands in lost production. When the original pedals were designed many years ago parts werent an issue and now 30 years later they were hard to find, expensive and the repair/maintenance time was a long and difficult process.

Because of the above features it means that downtime iskept minimal which in turn will be reflected in bottom line profit.


With this design we were able to address the unontrolled movements issues of the boom

As the unit has in cabin servicing, there are no more cherry pickers, gas masks or maintenance crew climbing in and out of cavities. This danger is completely removed.

To adjust the tilt on the pedal, the operator only hinges the pedal unit and not the total weight of the mounting arms and the pedal. Easy, ergonomically friendly design.

All cables are ducted through the frame and this eliminates the risk of tripping and damage to the integrity of the wires.

The arms are positioned low and the highest part on the pedal is the pedal itself. No protruding lock levers to step over when stepping in and out of the console to create a safety/tripping issue.

Because of the way the swing pedal is designed we have been able to address the ergonomics of reduced movement to the ankle

Pedals are so smooth that they can easily be operated with two little fingers!!