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Mon Jun 24 2019


By 600 Machine Tools Australia

Intelligent High Speed CNC Drill with Versatility
FANUC ROBODRILL α-DiA series are high speed versatile AI CNC drills with spindle taper size No. 30 for high precision and high efficiency production.
  • High speed, high precision and ultimate efficiency
  • Intelligent Control
  • Robotization, Networking and System integration
High Speed and High-Efficiency
  • Standard CNC 31i-BS shortening machining time
  • Wide Variety of Spindle suitable for various machining
    • Center through available for all spindle specification
    • Using high speed and high precision ball bearings for high speed spindle
    • Spindle output enhanced
    • High torque spindle: 1min. rated torque 70Nm -> 78Nm
    • High speed spindle: 1min. rated output 11kW -> 26kW
  • DDR/DDR-T providing high speed indexing
    • Additional 1-axis rotary table with Sychronous built-in servo motor and αiCZ SENSOR
    • Direct drive and non-backlash structure enabling high speed and high precision machining
  • FSSB high-speed rigid tapping
    • Achieving high speed rigid tapping by FSSB communication between servo and spindle amplifiers
  • Rapid traverse block overlap
    • Shortening cycle time by continuing to operate without stopping motor, between rapid traverse blocks.
  • AI Thermal Displacement Compensation targeting high precision compensation
  • AI Contour Control providing high precision machining
  • Machining Mode Setting to select suitable control
  • Smart Trouble Shooting Function providing enhanced maintenance
  • Leakage Detection FUnction prividing preventive maintenance
  • Conformity to Safety Standards for various regions