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Richmond Vertical Machining Centres

By 600 Machine Tools Australia
  • Vertical Machining Centres
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Vertical Machining Centres
High Speed, Heavy Duty, Precision Cutting
The design and specification of Richmond VMC's has been developed by 600 Group as ideal partner products for Colchester and Harrison Lathes. Richmond VMC's offer real CNC machining power, precision and performance. Available in a full range of models, there is a machine to meet most requirements.
• Heavy cast iron base, saddle and table minimise vibration during heavy cutting.
• 40mm pre-tensioned ballscrews, directly coupled to the servo drive motor provides stronger, more precise and more durable operation. 
• Duplex angular contact bearings support both ends of all ballscrews, which are far superior to lower cost single radial bearings.
• High performance spindle fitted with 2+2 matched super precision bearings for greater long term precision and reliability.
Square Ways on S Models
For Heavy-Duty Precision Cutting
For applications demanding heavy duty precision cutting, there is no substitute for solid slideways. 
The latest Storm range offers hardened and ground ways on all models from VMC 610 to VMC 1600
1. In-column mechanical counterbalance provides smooth operation of the extra heavy-duty cast iron head.
2. Now using the stronger, quieter, improved “Unitta” belt the high performance spindle is fitted with 2+2 matched super precision bearings on 610 – 1300S models, with a powerful AC servo motor giving spindle speeds up to 12000 rpm. Rigid tapping standard.
3. Large hardened and ground solid slideways for a greater load bearing surface. All adjoining surfaces to slideways are Turcite coated to ensure maximum performance. 
4. Extra heavy Meehanite castings for superior rigidity, wear resistance and vibration absorption.
5. A special high precision machining and finish process provides accurate T-slot positioning on both solid and linear models.
6. Extra heavy duty cast iron bases, saddles and tables provide proven damping capacity far superior to machines with cheaper fabricated frames.
Linear Ways on L Models
For High-speed Precision Cutting 
For high speed applications requiring high rapid traverse rates and high accuracy, linear guideway machines are the optimum choice. All Storm L models from VMC 610L to 1020L feature heavy section linear ways.
1. Extra deep column with integral Z axis servo motor.
2. Z axis servo motor coupled directly to ballscrew.
3. Z axis has 40mm double nut pre-tensioned ballscrew and double angular contact bearings at both ends. 
4. Pre – tensioned double nut heavy duty 40mm Z axis ballscrews on 610 – 1300 models to minimise backlash.
5. Mechanical counterbalance inside column to offset headstock weight.
6. Constructed of Meehanite castings for superior rigidity, wear resistance and vibration absorption.
7. Extra heavy duty “Meehanite” cast iron base and saddle ensures proven thermal and mechanical rigidity, plus vibration absorption which are extremely important characteristics necessary for heavy loads and high speed traverses. (Fabricated frames simply do not compare).
8. Storm machines employ the latest linear rail technology providing higher rigidity and more consistent accuracy. Recirculating balls contact the surface at 45˚ allowing the same dynamic load to be applied bi-directionally to both axis ensuring greater long term accuracy and load carrying capacity.
9. High precision heavy duty linear guideways, giving smooth, accurate operation.
Standard Equipment
• Geneva type carousel toolchanger
• Auto central oil lubrication
• Coolant system
• Electrical cabinet heat exchanger
• RS 232 port and cable
• Status Beacon
• Portable MPG handwheel
• Automatic Power Off
• Full guarding
• Halogen work light
• Rigid tapping
• Removable swarf tray
• Programmable air blast
• Telescopic covers XY and Z
• Leveling bolts, pads, toolbox and tools
• Operating manual and test sheets
Optional Equipment
• 4th Axis Interface, Motor & Drive
• Swarf Flushing System
• Through Spindle Coolant Filter System
• Through Spindle Coolant
• Spindle Oil Coolant for VMC1600
• Electrical Cabinet Air Conditioning
• Auto Door Open and Close
• Pull studs for 12, 16 or 20 tool ATC
• Pallet Loader
• Tooling Package
• 10,000rpm Spindle with Oil Cooler
• 12,000 rpm Spindle with Oil Cooler
• ZF Gear Box for 8000 rpm Machines
• Higher Capacity Carousel type Toolchanger
• High Speed 24 Tool Twin Arm Toolchanger
• Chain Type 32 Tool ATC for VMC1020 VMC1300 & VMC1600
• Belt Type Swarf Conveyor for VMC 610 and larger
• Screw Type Swarf Conveyor
• 6000 rpm Spindle for VMC1600
• Full Guarding for VMC1600
• BT 50 Option on VMC 1300S Includes spindle Oil Cooling and 4th axis prep
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