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WV Series WV108A/B
Ultra Wide High Rigidity Vertical Machining Center
WV108A/B is structurally designed for the heavy-duty machining requirements with ultra wide machine base and column.
The extended 762mm (30”) travel on Y-axis is ideal for die mold applications and oversize workpiece machining.
Double gibs structure provides optimal support for the extended headstock.
Axial Feed Configurations
High responsive servo motors are directly coupled with precise ballscrews to provide free backlash, fine accuracy, and high responsive movements to meet high speed and high rigidity machining requirements.
WV108A (X/Y/Z axis) and WV108B (X/Y axis) are equipped with oversize roller type guideways to reinforce loading capacity and cutting rigidity.
Chip Disposal System
The standard dual chip augers can be equipped with chip conveyor (opt.) and chip flush coolant system (opt.) which can remove the cutting chips more effectively.
Ultra Wide Base Design
The ultra wide machine base structure via FEM analysis provides the most stable construction rigidity to assure the overall machine performance and accuracy.
Unique IDD Spindle
The unique IDD spindle design offers low spindle vibration and optimal heat isolation that result in excellent surface finish while maximizing both spindle and tool life under hard machining conditions.
The oversize angular contact ceramic ball bearings generate very little heat and provide excellent radial and axial rigidity for heavy-duty machining operations.
Powerful dual winding AC digital spindle motor provides high torque at low spindle speed and maximizes horsepower output at high speed operation
Unique IDD Spindle
Driven by powerful dual winding AC digital spindle motor reaching max. 22kW (29.5HP) power and 36kgf-m (260 lb-ft) torque output.
The spindle motor is directly coupled to the spindle to remove vibration caused by belt or gear driven transmission and isolate the heat generated from the spindle motor.
High Torsion Gearhead Transmission Spindle (opt.)
6,000rpm spindle is available for diverse requirements The design of 2-step gearhead transmission is complimented with a powerful AC digital spindle motor and oversize angular contact ceramic ball bearings delivering max. 18.5kW (25HP) power and 48kgf-m (347 lb-ft) torque output.
Standard Accessories
■ Tool Kit
■ Work Lamp
■ Pilot Lamp
■ Coolant Equipment System
■ Hydraulic System (WV108B)
■ Spindle Air Blast
■ Spindle Air Seal
■ Guideway Cover on X/Y/Z
■ Central Lubrication System
■ Spindle Cooling System
■ Leveling Blocks
■ Full Chip Enclosure
■ Dual Chip Augers (On Both Sides of Y-axis)
■ Cutting Air Blast
■ Air Gun
■ Coolant Gun
■ Heat Exchanger for Electrical Cabinet
■ Rigid Tapping
■ Mechanical, Electrical & Operating Manuals
■ YCM MXP-200i Control by FANUC
Optional Accessories
■ Safety Door
■ Optical Scale
■ Foundation Bolts
■ Chip Conveyor
■ Chip Flush Coolant System
■ Oil-mist Coolant System
■ Oil-mist Collector
■ Oil Hole Holder Function
■ Oil Skimmer
■ A/C. Cooler for Electrical Cabinet
■ Workpiece Measurement System
■ Auto Tool Length Measurement System 
■ Coolant Through Spindle System
■ 4th Axis Rotary Table
■ Heavy Duty Coolant Pump
■ Gearhead Spindle (WV108B)
■ Automatic Power Off Device
■ HEIDENHAIN iTNC-530 Control
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