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H Series
Horizontal Machining Center
The Yeong Chin Horizontal machining centers are specially developed for high efficiency machining industries: automobile parts like transmission case, engine blocks, valves and vane pump, and medium or large precision molds.
The high quality and strengthened Meechanite castings are accuracy foundation of its kind.  Various spindle configuration and modular and coolant through spindle feature suit different machining requirements.
Directly driven axial structure of pretension ballscrews ensure the high accuracy level and reliability. The ATC mechanism is of the highest reliability and the widely adopted APC feature the flexibility and automation of machining solution.
Hi-speed, Hi-prevision Spindle Design
  • Ceramic spindle bearings for high speed machining. features low thermal expansion co-effient and excellent rigidity performance.
  • The IDs of spindle bearings, o80mm (H500A)/o100mm (H500B) satisfy heavy cutting requirements
  • Standard isolated direct drive (IDD) spindle for the #40 spindle of 8000rpm or the #50 spindle of 6000rpm, offers excellent power output
  • High-Low speed winding performs 36kgs and excellent cutting capability (H500B)
High Prevision, High Rigidity, Powerful Gear-head Spindle
H800B - H2112B/H2612B
  • The #50 spindle deploys high precision NN series bearings, at max. 4500rpm is suitable for high rigidity heavy and various machining operations
  • Deploys the spindle oil-thermal-cooling device of 1300Kcal/h capability to strictly control the spindle heat increment within 10'C efficiently and to perform the high accuracy machining results
  • The spindle of motor power output at max 18.5kW and the 2-step automatic transmission high-low gear head of 74.1 kg-m max. torque output easily conducts 650cc/min metal removal heavy cutting capacity
  • Quill of prolongation design allows deep-hole machining
Quick and Reliable ATC mechanism Proved by a-million-time running test.
  • The roller-gear-cam ATC arm parallel to the spindle of the short-pitch design, make the ATC prompt and reliable; it takes only 3.5seconds for the H500A or 5 seconds for the H500B(T-T)
  • The magazine is precisely indexed and driven by servo motor for efficient operations
H800B - H2112B / H2612B
  • The ARM type hydraulic ATC mechanism with backlash free roller-cam design performs stable and reliable ATC
  • The magazine is indexed by the shortest distance random tool selection to meet the high production requirements; 40T and 60T versions on demand.
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