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FP Series 55A - 66A - 100A 
High Speed, High Precision Mold and Die Machining Center
FP55A Linear
Optimal Structure Design & Unique Thermal
  • Constraint Solutions
  • Directly driven X- and Y-axes by the linear motors of high speed, high precision and high acceleration-deceleration performances, largely enhance the machining reliability and efficiency,and effectiveness.
  • To provide the high speed, high precision, and high responsiveness performance in machining,the FP55A is well tested and approved with the rigorous FEM and dynamic spectrum analyses for the utmost reliability and durability.
  • Thermal symmetrical structure design effectively restrains geometry distortion of heat increment, suit for long-hour operation.
  • Rigid gantry structure, and quick and stable feeding movement and control result in excellent performance,
  • Advanced, innovative and unique structure design allow FP55A to effectively manage and eliminates thermal factors generated by spindle and motor.
  • Machining reliability is greatly enhanced.
FP66A Mold & Die
Optimum Design and High Rigidity Feed System
  • High power axial servo-driven motor 7AkW (9.4HP ) output make the high performance machine.
  • The million-pulse/rev high-resolution encoders in all axes enable the utmost precision status.
  • The enlarged roller bearing linear motion guides perform extreme rigidity.
  • High load precision ballscrews satisfy high speed high precision axial movements.
  • Fixed volume lubricant distribution system assures comprehensive lubrication.
  • Environmental friendly lubrication-coolant separation design.
  • The symmetry design in castings of base, column and headstock etc. ideally diminishes the thermal deformation, and maintain good accuracy in operation
FP100A Mold & Die
The Optimum Design High Rigidity Feed System
  • The gantry machine frame of rigid dualwall castings ensures low vibration performance in high speed machining, and results in the utmost surface finishing on works, and better tool service life.
  • The box-headstock in symmetry designed to assure the best cutting rigidity while Z-axis is moving rapidly.
  • High rigidity high load precision ballscrews are used and coupled with powerful seryo axial motor,and the Z-axis brake system sustain the fine axial movement control, especially in the 3D micro-machining and result in extra finishing works.
  • Fully supported worktable sits well on the FEM analyzed machine base to assure no overhang effect for accurate machining.
  • The million-pulse/rev high-resolution encoders in all axes enable the utmost precision status
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