YCM Controller Software Updates

By 600 Machine Tools Australia
  • YCM Controller Software Updates
  • YCM

For update Controller System:
  • FV Series (except FV50T)
  • MV Series
  • TV Series
  • DCV Series
  • FP Series
  • WV Series
Multi-function Display
Easily select multiple windows from the following list of display for your monitoring needs.
  • G-code Status
  • M-code Status
  • Spindle Status
  • Controller Running Hours
  • Feedrate
  • Tool Data
  • Work Coordination
  • Spindle Load
  • Parts Count
  • Machining Hours
  • Date and Time
  • Function Display
High Performane Machining Mode: M300
High performance mode with 5 settings allows users to select for the best machinino results.
Wireless Message Notification (opt.)
lntegrating GSM communication and CNC technology, YCM developed the WMN system for wireless notification of machine and work status report.
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