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YCM DCV Series

By 600 Machine Tools Australia
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DCV Series
Advanced CNC Double Column Vertical Machining Center
DCV 2012A - 2012B
Superb Body Structure
■ One-piece Column
■ One-piece Base
High Rigidity Guideways
■ Roller type guideways on X/Y axis
■ Horizontal and vertical support of the headstock
■ Direct drive motors on 3 axes reduce backlash and ensure perfect axial accuracy
High Quality Work Table
■ The work table is precisely ground before assembled to ensure DCV series excellent machining results
Z-axis is equipped with roller type guideway and 6 slider blocks to enhance cutting rigidity and smooth movement during 3D contouring operations
Z-axis is equipped with box guideway reinforced through induction hardening process, precision ground and FEM analysis to offer superb cutting rigidity and short force flow
Built-in Motorized Spindle
DCV2012A is equipped with YCM made built-in motorized spindle delivering 20,000rpm high speed. The ultra smooth movement achieves various machining results.
■ Patented circulated cooling system
■ Patented suppressing vibration design
■ Floating design of rear bearing
■ Bearing with micro oil-air lubrication system
■ BBT40 with simultaneous taper and flange contact design
DCV 3016B - 4016B
YCM keeps building up the in-house ability and seriously examines the workflow for upgrading DCV series to the limit. DCV series is exactly the ultimate double column vertical machining center combining flawless accuracy, rigidity, and power.
Superb Body Structure
■ One-piece Column
■ One-piece Base
■ Rigid proportion of the headstock
High Rigidity Guideways
■ X-axis is directly driven by gearbox offering smooth axial response and high torque
■ Roller type guideways on X/Y axis
■ Y-axis is supported by 3 roller type guideways and 6 slider blocks to offer ultimate cutting rigidity
■ Horizontal and vertical support of the headstock
■ Hardened and ground box guideway on Z-axis enlarges the contact interface for high machining stability
DCV 3021B - 3025B - 4021B - 4025B - 4035B
DCV series flawless accuracy, rigidity, and power are suitable for diverse requirements from automative, die & mold, energy and aerospace industries.
Superb Body Structure
■ Turcite-B design on Z-axis strengthens rigidity and damping capacity reducing overhang and vibration problems
■ Extra wide column base with boots design prevents the headstock from leaning forward
■ Internal ribs structure design through FEM analysis delivers high rigidity and stability
High Rigidity Guideways
■ Direct drive gearbox design on X-axis offers smooth axial response, high torque, and low backlash
■ X-axis is equipped with 3 roller type guideways and numerous slider blocks for great load capacity (3021B & 3025: 12 slider blocks / 4021B, 4025B & 4035B: 15 slider blocks)
■ 3 roller type guideways on Y-axis strongly support the headstock and saddle
4,500rpm Spindle
With Hi-lo Gear Transmission
4,500rpm spindle speed is standard with 2-step gear transmission. The spindle incorporates roller type spindle bearings for extremely high cutting rigidity. The 2-step gear transmission provides 88.87kgf-m torque output at 241rpm ideal for machining hard material.
6,000rpm Spindle
With Hi-lo Gear Transmission
6,000rpm spindle is available for diverse requirements. The design of 2-step gear transmission is complimented with a powerful AC digital spindle motor and ceramic roller type bearings. The 6,000rpm spindle is capable of reaching up to 22kW and 66.65kgf-m torque output at 321rpm. DCV series can easily achieve 1,000 cc/min. chip removal rate and promote productivity.
10,000rpm Spindle
Isolated Direct Drive Design
10,000rpm IDD spindle is optional to be equipped with DCV series. Driven by 22kW dual step AC digital spindle motor, the spindle is able to reach max. 36.04kgf-m torque output at 500rpm. Unique IDD design offers low spindle vibration and optimal heat isolation that results in excellent accuracy after long term operation.
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