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FV Series
High-Speed, High-Power Vertical Machining Centers are specially designed for industries that demand high precision, high productivity application such as automotive, aerospace, electronic, and job shop industries. With our unique IDD (Isolated Direct Drive) Spindle Design and our ultra-wide, ultra-rigid internally ribbed construction, our FV-Series delivers exceptional cutting finish and accuracy.
 With the addition of ATC system that changes tool-to-tool in 1 second for 30# spindle, and 3.5 seconds for 40# spindle, the newly developed NR type linear motion guide ways from THK, and the FANUC high responsive AC servo units, our FV-Series will more than pay for its value in no time, and we will bring you success.
The most cost-effective solution in high-speed, high-precision mold & die machining.
0.1μm High Resolution Modular (HRM)* + Simultaneously Differential Feedrate Control (SDFC)
Take a YCM FV-Series Vertical Machining Center with the HRM and SDFC functions, conduct tests and then check by Heidenhain Grid Encoder with the following results, which prove HRM and SDFC not only enhance the feed rate control but also keep good accuracy
Unique Spindle IDD Design
  • Unique direct coupled spindle design could isolate heat source, reduce the thermal deformation, increase the spindle precision and prolong spindle life.
  • Isolated polyurethane flexible coupling is used between motor and spindle.
  • Optional spindle cooling system could achieve better accuracy control.
  • Direct power transfer from spindle shaft to the cutting edge, ensures the power efficiency. 
  • Detecting the spindle speed from the build-in encoder of spindle ensures the best performance of rigid tapping
Hi-Speed, Hi-Power Spindle Design
FV56T (30#)
  • Ceramic bearings are applied on 15000rpm spindle, with features of lighter weight, low centrifugal force, high rigidity, low coefficient of heat expansion, so as to achieve better accuracy and spindle life.
  • High horse power design, maximum output for acceleration can achieve 20kW 27HP.
  • High torque, low inertia - form 0 to 6000rpm takes only 0.3 sec to reach. Excellent in mass drilling and tapping works.
  • The high precision spindle bearing system, with ID. 45mm, is to match the small & precise mold making requirements.
  • Max. rigid tapping speed: 6000rpm.
FV56A/85A/102A/125A (40#) 
  • The 10000rpm spindle deploys precision ceramic ball bearings of light mass, low centrifugal force, low swell factor, but high rigidity, which assure the optimal accuracy and spindle life span.
  • Oil-Air lubrication 12000rpm or 15000rpm spindle is available for option. 
High Efficiency Utmost performance Integration, Solution & Automation
Reliable ATC Unit
  • Fast and reliable roller gear cam ATC allows ATC time in 1 second (for FV56T), and 3.5 seconds (for FV56A/FV85A/ 
  • FV102A/FV125A), lowers the idle time and enhances the machining efficiency.
  • The ATC units were running tested more than million times before their mass production to ensure high reliability
Complete chips disposal system 
  • Ensure the cleanness of machining environment. 
  • Optional flush coolant can be used to prove the chips disposal efficiently.
  • Screw type chip conveyor makes the chips disposal more easily & efficiently. (FV85A / FV102A)
  • Complete set of the Y-axis back side plate well protects the guide-way for durable operation
Shuttle Type Automatic Pallet Changer 
(FV102A, Option)
  • APC's swivel arm is driven by X-axis servo motor with unique rack transmission design, features fast and accurate pallet change mechanism. 
  • APC time is around 15 seconds.
  • Over sized taper pins are applied to ensure backlash-free positioning and rigid clamping on the pallet.
  • APC feed rate is adjustable to appropriate speed for different work pieces' demand
Advanced APC Design
(FV56T/A, Option)
  • Hi-speed rotary auto-pallet changer.
  • APC time takes 9 seconds only.
  • Reliable rotary mechanism driven by servo motor reducer achieves quick APC speed.
  • Rotary speed is adjustable to ensure better stability when heavy loading on the pallet.
  • Shot flush coolant could clean the positioning block automatically.
  • The minimum floor space required, saving floor space and saving money.
FV Series 56T/56A/85A/102A/125A
Super-Accuracy & Rigidity Construction for High Speed Epoch
  • Tough and durable MEEHANITE castings deliver exceptional cutting stability and consistent accuracy - the massive, rigid internally ribbed construction reduces damping effect for superb part finishing.
  • The extra wide column base and machine base maximize the cutting rigidity, and enhance machine stability during heavy-duty machining.
  • Hardened & ground ballscrews are precisely pre-tensioned at both ends, supported by angular contact thrust bearings, and directly coupled with high responsive AC servomotors of backlash-free for outstanding positioning repeatability and accuracy during long machining cycles.
  • All axes utilize the newly developed NR type linear motion guide ways from THK of its superior rigidity, low friction, low noise, thus to assure much smoother movement in high-speed traverse.
  • All linear motion guide ways are mounted on the very fine surface for maximum surface contact and exceptional cutting rigidity and stability