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By 600 Machine Tools Australia
  • EV1020A
  • YCM

EV1020A is built with state-of-the-art technology in mind and packed with features at price you can afford. With all the features loaded on the EV1020A, this machine will diversify your machining capabilities and minimize manufacturing costs. EV1020A is suitable for automotive, job shops, aerospace, electronics and medical applications.
The rigid body construction of EV1020A makes for uncompromising precision and rigidity. Finite Element Method (FEM) analysis is adopted to simulate the structural deformation of the body under various condition. This helps to ensure the best mass arrangement and rib construction of the machine for constant stability under the intensive load of heavy-duty cutting.

Unique Isolated Direct Drive Spindle Design

1 Direct Coupling
The spindle motor is directly coupled to the spindle. This design isolates noise, backlash, vibration that are normally found on the spindle driven by belt or gears.
2 Powerful Spindle Motor
The spindle is driven by FANUC high torque Vector Drive AC spindle motor.
3 Symmetrical Head Stock
The wall of the head stock is symmetrically designed, which allows the entire head stock to homogeneously absorb the thermal expansion and avoids thermal deformation.
4 Unclamping Cushion
This unclamping cushion protects the spindle bearings from the tool unclamping force, which extends the spindle life.
5 Higher Precision Spindle Encoding Feedback
The CNC controller receives exact feedback of spindle speed to ensure the best performance of rigid tapping.
6 Larger Spindle Diameter
To enhance spindle cutting rigidity, the large spindle is 70mm in diameter and the spindle wall is 12mm in thickness.
7 Spindle Air Curtain
This newly developed technology prevents the spindle bearings from being contaminated by coolant mist and fine chips during high speed cutting with positive air flow.
8 Spindle Air Blast
Automatic air blast through the spindle is standard to clean the spindle taper on every tool change.
Standard Accessories
■ Tool Kit
■ Work Lamp
■ Pilot Lamp
■ Hand-held Coolant Gun
■ Hand-held Air Gun
■ Spindle Air Blast
■ Cutting Air Blast
■ Spindle Air Seal
■ Central Lubrication System
■ Guideway Cover on X/Y/Z
■ Chip Enclosure
■ Screw Type Chip Auger
■ Leveling Blocks and Bolts
■ Mechanical, Electrical, and  Operating Manuals
■ Heat Exchanger in Electrical Cabinet
■ CNC Control: FANUC 0i-MD
Optional Accessories
■ Safety Door
■ CE
■ Coolant through Spindle System form A/20bar
■ Chip Conveyor
■ Spindle Cooling System
■ 4th Axis Rotary Table
■ Automatic Power Off System
■ Auto Tool Length  Measurement System
■ Workpiece Measurement System
■ Data Server
■ Oil Skimmer
■ Heavy Duty Coolant System
■ Circular Coolant Nozzle
■ Full Chip Enclosure
■ Optical Scale
■ Oil Mist Coolant System
■ Oil Hole Holder Function