By 600 Machine Tools Australia
  • H603B
  • YCM

High Production Horizontal Machining Center

Introducing the new H630B high production horizontal machining center. H630B incorporates state-of-the-art dual drive technology and utmost rigid structural design to satisfy high accuracy requirements in any high production environment.

Y-axis Dual Drive System

  • Headstock is driven at the center of the gravity to minimize vibration, delivering high quality machining with high speed
  • Efficiently controls vibration, and optimizes the quality of machined surfaces, accuracy, machining time and tool life
  • The absolute positioning optical scale on Y-axis demonstrates superior accuracy
Circulated Oil Jacket Cooling System
Circulated oil jacket cooling for 3 axes motor seats and ball screw nuts insulates machine from heat resources to reduce thermal deformation, providing high, and stable machining accuracy
All Roller Type Guideways
  • Oversize roller type guideways with high rigidity and precision
  • High dynamic AC servo direct drives with preloaded ball screws, delivering high control qualities
  • 40m/min. rapid feedrate
  • Max. 0.5g acceleration/deceleration
One-piece T-base Design
  • Rugged T-base foundation with rib construction for unprecedented rigidity
  • High geometrical accuracy
  • Optimum structure behavior
Step X-axis Guideways with Slant Bed Design
  • Two X-axis guideways are positioned at different height to increase stable and reliable rapid axial movement
  • Column weight can be reduced without affecting its rigidity, achieving higher acceleration performance
High Performance Built-in Motorized Spindle
  • Spindle is integrated with the rotor of the drive motor, reducing vibration during high-speed operation
  • Built-in spindle with a max.10,000rpm and an output 30kW, delivers 42kgf-m torque 
  • Micro oil-air lubrication for angular ceramic ball bearings prolongs spindle life
  • Circulated oil jacket cooling system effectively minimizes thermal deformation, ensuring high precision
  • Easy spindle unit replacement reduces maintenance time
BBT50 Double Contact Spindle Taper
Two restrained faces simultaneously couples the taper portion of the shank and the flange end face, improving heavy-duty cutting performance and machining accuracy
  • Work Lamp
  • Pilot Lamp
  • Tool Kit
  • Cutting Air Blast
  • Spindle Air Blast
  • Spindle Air Seal
  • Spindle Cooling System
  • Guideway Cover (X,Y,Z)
  • Central Lubrication System
  • Hydraulic System
  • Tool Magazine (40T)
  • Rotary Table (1°Index)
  • 2 Pallets
  • Hinge Type Chip Conveyor
  • Screw Type Chip Augers (On Both Sides of Z-axis)
  • Coolant Equipment System
  • Coolant Gun
  • Heavy Duty Coolant Pump
  • Oil Skimmer
  • Full Chip Enclosure 
  • Leveling Blocks and Foundation Bolts
  • Heat Exchanger for Electrical Cabinet
  • Mechanical, Electrical & Operating Manuals
  • Optical Scale
  • Oil-mist Coolant System
  • Oil Hole Holder Function
  • Auxiliary Table
  • B-axis
  • Coolant Through Spindle System
  • A/C. Cooler for Electrical Cabinet
  • A.F.C. Adaptive Feedrate Control
  • Workpiece Measurement System
  • AutoTool Length Measurement
  • 6 Pallets
  • Tool Magazine (60/120T)