BM-52VE - Turret Milling Machine (415V) (X) 865mm (Y) 420mm (Z) 400mm (M596D)

By Hare & Forbes Machineryhouse

Order Code: M596D
BM-52VE - Turret Milling Machine (415V)
(X) 865mm (Y) 420mm (Z) 400mm
Includes Digital Readout
Quality product representing excellent value
  • 3 Axis digital readout fitted
  • 5HP 415V motor, dial variable speed system
  • NT40 Spindle taper with a chrome & ground quill
  • Hardened & ground work table & slide-ways
  • Square construction slides for Y & Z-Axis to maximise rigidity
  • Quality electrics & overload protection in an easy access enclosure
  • Micro switch on the manual knee handle for additional operator safety
  • Powered elevating motor for Z-Axis
  • Turcite B coated X & Y Axis slide-ways reduces friction for smooth operation
  • Meehanite casting for high strength & minimal deformation
  • Horizontal travelling ram mounted on a rotating base allowing repositioning of spindle
  • The ram incorporates a tail lug (spigot) to accept a slotting attachment etc.
  • Align AL-500S X-Axis power-feed with adjustable micro switch feed stops
  • Coolant system, halogen light, 150mm machine vice & swarf tray
  • High / neutral and low gear selection lever to maximise torque
  • Metric dial graduations @ 0.02mm for X , Y & Z-Axis
  • Automatic quill feed 0.076, 0.038, 0.152mm/rev
  • Automatic cut off depth stop on quill
  • Oil lubrication pump and reservoir
  • Slide-way covers Y & Z-Axis
  • Head tilts ±45º forward to back
  • Head swivels ±90º left and right
  • Manual quick action quill lever
  • Mechanical spindle brake
  • Tool box and manual
  • 3 Axis digital readout fitted
  • One-shot oil lubrication pump and reservoir
  • Drawbar M16 thread
  • Coolant system
  • Slideway covers
  • Z-Axis powered elevating motor
  • X-Axis power-feed
  • Halogen light
  • Machine vice (150mm)
  • Clamp kit
  • Safety cutter guard
  • Swarf tray


Model: BM-52VE
Digital Readout: 3-Axis Digital Readout
Type: Vertical
Table Size: 1370 x 254mm
Spindle Taper - Vertical: NT40
Longitudinal Travel (X-Axis): 865mm
Cross Travel (Y-Axis): 420mm
Vertical Travel (Z-Axis): 400mm
Type of Slides: Dovetail (X), Square (Y & Z)
Ram Travel: 500mm
Spindle to Table: 440mm
Quill Travel / Diameter: 127mm / 86mm
Throat Depth (max.): 690mm
Swivel Head (Left ~ Right): ±90º
Tilting Head (Front ~ Back): ±45º
Power Feed - Quill: 0.076, 0.038, 0.152mm/rev
Power Feed - Longitudinal (X-Axis): 20 - 2000 mm/min
Power Feed - Cross (Y-Axis): Optional
Power Feed - Vertical (Z-Axis): Rapid
Table T-Slot Size: 5/8"
Work Table Load Capacity: 350kg
Spindle Speeds Vertical (steps/rpm): Variable (50-3750rpm)
Motor Power - Vertical: 3.75kW / 5hp
Motor Voltage: 415V
Overall Height: 2184mm
Weight (nett): 1550kg