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Wed Jun 26 2019

CL-100A - Centre Lathe (415V) 660 x 2000mm - 105mm Bore (L627D)

By Hare & Forbes Machineryhouse

Order Code: L627D
CL-100A - Centre Lathe (415V)
660 x 2000mm - 105mm Bore
Includes Digital Readout, Quick Change Toolpost & Taper Turning Attachment

  • 2 Axis digital readout system
  • Taper turning attachment fitted to saddle
  • Triple bearings supporting headstock spindle
  • Quick change toolpost with additional holders
  • Adjustable taper roller bearings providing spindle accuracy
  • Precision 'V'-beds & headstock gears are all hardened & ground
  • Multiple discs forward and reversing clutch system
  • Overload protection on drive motor and coolant system
  • Universal enclosed gearbox incorporating metric & imperial thread capabilities
  • Foot operated spindle brake with safety cut out switch
  • X & Z axis rapid traverse selection lever incorporated on the saddle @ 4.5m/min
  • 400mm wide induction hardened heavy duty cast iron bed
  • Removable gap bed allowing work piece to swing up to 900mm
  • Cross slide handle disengages when auto feed is used
  • Saddle hand wheel disengages when auto feed is used
  • Adjustable clutch for auto feeds protects machine from overloading during machining
  • Chuck guard fitted with safety micro switch
  • Micro switch on side access door
  • Powered longitudinal and cross feeds
  • Metric / imperial calibrated feed dials
  • Coolant system with flexible hose enabling flow control & direction
  • Oil sight glass for head stock and gearbox & apron
  • Lubrication pump on saddle oiling slides
  • Low voltage halogen work light
  • D1-8 camlock spindle for quick chuck removal
  • 16 spindle speeds 25-1600rpm
  • Large 105mm spindle bore
  • 7.5kW / 10HP 415V main motor
  • 2 Axis digital readout system
  • Taper turning attachment
  • Leadscrew covers
  • 325mm 3-jaw chuck with reverse jaws
  • 400mm 4-jaw chuck
  • Face plate
  • Fixed steady with roller bearings
  • Travelling steady
  • Dead centres
  • Thread chasing dial
  • Foot brake
  • Coolant system
  • Work light
  • Rear splash guard
  • Spindle reducing bush
Model: CL-100A
Digital Readout System Fitted:
Quick Change Toolpost Fitted:
Leadscrew Covers Fitted:
Taper Turning Attachment:
Coolant System:
Tool Height To Suit: 25mm
Distance Between Centres: 2000mm
Swing Over Bed: 660mm
Swing Over Cross-slide: 440mm
Swing In Gap: 900mm
Centre Height: 330mm
Spindle Bore: 105mm
Spindle Nose Size or Type: D1-8 Camlock
Bed Width: 400mm
Headstock Spindle Taper: 7MT
Tailstock Taper: 5MT
Cross Slide Travel: 368mm
Compound Slide Travel: 230mm
Leadscrew: Metric
Cross Feed Range (X-Axis): 0.044-1.48mm/rev
Longitudinal Feed Range (Z-Axis): 0.022-0.74mm/rev
Metric Thread Steps & Pitch Range: 54 (0.45-120mm)
Imperial Thread Steps & TPI Range: 54 (7/16-80TPI)
3 Jaw Chuck Diameter: 325mm
4 Jaw Chuck Diameter: 400mm
Spindle Steps / Speed Range: 16 (25-1600rpm)
Motor Power: 7.5kW / 10hp
Voltage: 415V
Weight (nett): 3400kg