Oscillating Dual Beam Folding Machine

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  • Oscillating Dual Beam Folding Machine

The Davi-Ystad folding machine has been designed with the precise objective of making the bending cycle more economical and has the fastest payback when used to make enclosures of relatively thin steel and medium sized fabricating profiles. By using dual beam bending technology it is possible to make both positive and negative bends without manually turning the sheet over and thanks to the rotating turret on the in-feed table it is possible to eliminate all the manual material handling processes typical of a press brake application. Using the Davi-Ystad folding machine to bend steel sheets offers significant advantages in terms of precision, safety, productivity and cost reduction. The Davi-Ystad folding machine is available in a wide range of models with working width from 2000 to 6000 mm and thicknesses up to 20 mm.


  • Sheet is placed on the in-feed table prior to bending
  • Positive and negative bends are made by the oscillatine tables thus eliminting any need to manually turn the same over
  • Due to reduced handling operations the machine is managed by one operator in total safety who manages the complete bending process (without touching the sheet)
  • The machine is equipped with pincers to move the sheet forwards during the bending cycles
  • The bending angles are determined by the position of the oscillating (bending) beams
  • Small thickness variations do not make any difference to the bending angle
  • Even large thickness variations are handled without changing tooling (like on the press brake)
  • Machine set-up times are therefore practically eliminated
  • Tooling and change parts are also reduced dramatically
  • Skilled operators are not required as the bending cycle is in fact managed by the powerful CNC
  • Cycle times reduced to minimum
  • Homogeneous parts assured thanks to the numeric control that manages the cycle start to finish
  • It is possible to obtain pitch by pitch bending and thus make large radium bends
  • The machine can be equipped with rotating turret to turn sheet before or even after bending
  • It is possible to equip the line with automatic gantry loading system to automize sheet entry cycle and further reduce operator intervention.

 Davi-Ystad folding machine in action: 

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