High Speed Machining- Mega Chuck Series

By SEI Carbide Australia
  • High Speed Machining- Mega Chuck Series

SEI Carbide Australia - The body, collet, nut, wrench and pull stud are specifically designed to be ideal for high speed operations.

Precision ground and balanced for high speed machining
MEGA CHUCKS are micro mirror ground finished on all surfaces to assure perfect concentricity for high speed machining. The drive keyway is machined after heat treatment. The MEGA CHUCKS are then balanced with high precision dynamic balancing machine.

Notch-free design MEGA NUT prevents vibration and reduces noise
Vibration at the high speeds is eliminated with the use of notch free designed nuts that offer superior balance and concentricity. This ideal nut design not only reduces whistling noise and splattering coolant, but also assures increased strength of the nut itself.

Easy and firm clamping by the MEGA WRENCH
The unique MEGA WRENCH has a one way clutch system with roller bearings and a ratchet function which is capable of safely and evenly applying force to the entire nut periphery.

Dual contact BIG-PLUS SPINDLE SYSTEM as standard
Dual contact spindle system assures the highest rigidity possible in high speed and difficult metal machining applications. Known as BIG-PLUS, this system offers simultaneous dual contact between the machine spindle and toolholder flange face, as well as the machine spindle taper and the toolholder taper shank.

Products of High Speed Machining- Mega Chuck Series:

- Mega Micro Chuck
Extremely slim design of body and nut provides superior balance and
concentricity and is ideal for getting into confined areas.

- Mega New Baby Chuck
Ideal ultra precision holders for high speed machining with carbide
drills, reamers and end mills.

- Mega E Chuck
Collet chuck designed exclusively for end milling with high concentricity
and rigidity.

- Mega Double Power Chuck
Flange contacting nut and simultaneous taper and flange contact
assure highest rigidity.