Parent (Family) Visas

By Austart Migration Pty Ltd

The Parent visa options exist to allow Australian resident children to sponsor their overseas parents for permanent residency in Australia.


There are two main categories:

1. Parent / Aged Parent

2. Contributory / Aged Contributory Parent


Applications for a Parent/Aged Parent visa can take 15-17 years to process. The reason for this is a capping system whereby the Government only allocate a limited number of places for Parent visas each year. Once the limit is reached then applications are placed in a queue.



In 2003 the Government introduced the Contributory Parent visas which are much quicker to be processed; on average between 12-18 months. For the Contributory Parent the applicant pays a high premium in extra fees to the Government plus a financial bond (the bond is refundable after 10 years).


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