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New Fluke 189 Data Logging Multimeter & Software Combo

By Fluke Australia

Fluke Australia - The Fluke 189 Data Logging Multimeter and Software Combo Pack, a productivity-enhancing package of tools and accessories that includes the top-end Fluke 189 logging digital multimeter and the new FlukeView® Forms 3.0 software package.

The 189 Data Logging Multimeter and Software Combo Pack gives a practical, affordable approach to predictive maintenance.

* With its built-in data logger, the Fluke 189 helps you track down elusive, intermittent probelms, monitoring equipment with any of its functions, while you do other jobs.

* Overlay data from six meters or six time periods to find cause and effect relationships for predictive maintenenace applications.

* With the break-through accuracy and precision of the Fluke 189, our most advanced DMM, you'll catch events as brief as 50 ms.

* The rugged Fluke 189 is designed for the kind harsh environment taht would ruin most data loggers of multimeters.

* For extended remote logging applications, you can log up to 450 hours of data using the extended battery pack.

* Turn data into meaningful graphs and tables using the FlukeView Forms software on your PC.

* TPAK Magnetic Hanger allows you to securely hang your meter for monitoring of hands-free use.

* Soft carrying case to protect your investment.

* USB Cable included with kit.