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Mon May 20 2019

180 Series Digital Multimeters

By Fluke Australia

Fluke Australia - Temperature measurement, real time clock, data logging and PC communication enhance efficiency and value

EVERETT, WA – Fluke Corporation, the world leader in compact, professional electronic test tools, has introduced the Models 187 and 189 digital multimeters designed with the most advanced feature set to meet the needs of plant maintenance, electrical, control and process technicians.

The new Fluke 180 Series represents the next generation of powerful and accurate handheld digital multimeters. The meters boast 0.025% accuracy and 50,000 counts of resolution on a multiple reading display that includes a real-time clock, enhancing troubleshooting with the ability to correlate time of day with events. Users will also enjoy the enhanced 180 Series start up speed. Place the leads on the circuit and a stable reading is instantly displayed.

Logging Capability of 180 Series Digital Multimeters:
The Fluke 189 can be set up to capture and store measurement data while unattended, allowing a user to collect information about a measurement over time for later analysis. In the logging mode, the meter monitors all “changes” in the input signal and then stores a summary of those changes based on a timed interval as well as the stability of the measured signal. Once the logging session is complete (up to three days), the stored information is downloaded to a PC using the optional FlukeView Forms software. This industry–leading software enables users to

maximize the 189’s logging capability through template-driven custom reporting. FlukeView Forms software is ideal for documenting test procedures for new equipment installation, meeting regulatory guidelines, and for tracking maintenance histories.

“The role of technicians today has significantly expanded due to compliance demands in the areas of safety and standards,” said Randy Mather, product manager-digital multimeters, Fluke Industrial Group. “The 189’s logging capability and FlukeView Forms report generation functions make it easier for a technician to collect and document important measurements. Creating products that make it easier for technicians to troubleshoot complex electrical and electronic circuits is our primary objective,” concluded Mather.

Other Features of 180 Series Digital Multimeters:
The 180 Series digital multimeters measure volts, ohms, amps and capacitance, as well as temperature in ºC and ºF, continuity, and also offer a diode test function. The ergonomic case design houses a multiple reading display for simultaneous readouts, such as true-rms ac + dc and Hertz, dB and mVdc, and more. In addition to relative mode and Min/Max/Average, the 187 and 189 offer a Fast Min Max mode for capturing transients as short as 250 µs.

The Fluke 189 can store up to 100 separate readings. This allows the user to make a series of measurements using various functions of the meter and review those readings at a later time either through the meter’s display or on a PC using the optional FlukeView Forms software. Primary and secondary readings, meter functions, and the corresponding icons are all stored in the meter’s memory along with a time stamp to indicate when the reading was taken. The stored readings make it possible to retain measurements in the meter for comparison to current or “real time” measurements.

The closed case calibration feature of the new 180 Series allows calibration adjustments to be made directly from the front panel or through the infrared port. Fluke has further improved the functionality of the digital multimeters with a battery access door that enables the user to change batteries and fuses without breaking the calibration seal. The new 180 Series multimeters have a bright two-level LED backlight, as well as an enhanced LCD with larger digits and a wide viewing angle.

New Accessories for the 180 Series
The optional ToolPak™ accessory provides strap and magnet hangers for maximum versatility, freeing hands for safe and effective use of the meters. Technicians needing to conduct measurements over many hours or days can be assured of the meters’ security by locking it up using the new LockPak™ accessory.

180 Series Digital Multimeters are Designed for Safety
The new 180 Series DMMs meet the IEC-61010 CAT III 1000V and CAT IV 600 V safety ratings and carry a dust-proof and drip-proof environmental rating. The overmolding technology in the case design disperses shock loads over more of the case than a traditional holster design, resulting in a more rugged meter. The meters come complete with probe holder, test leads, alligator clips, and a “getting started” manual available in 16 languages. A multi-language CD-ROM containing the users' manual is also included with the meter.

The Fluke 187 and 189 digital multimeters offer a lifetime warranty and are now available from Fluke distributors and representatives worldwide.