Brightex Polishing Pastes

Metalworking & Metal Machining

Applications for this product

For the first time, the pre-polish and main polishing steps can be completed using just one BRIGHTEX® paste (Berry)! This has been made possible by a completely new formulation and as a result, it only takes a few moments to polish stainless steel parts to mirror finish. The yellow BRIGHTEX® Sun paste finally creates an even brighter high gloss shine – almost as if it’s chrome plated. 

Features of this product

For reconditioning surfaces that are mirror-polished mechanically

Ideal for use with polishing machines and hand-held polishing tools

For best results, use Eisenblätter care and cleaning products for removing polish residues

With centring hole for backing plates with centring pins

Completely new high-tech paste formulation for metals

Why choose this product

The Brightex polishing pastes have truly revolutionised mirror polishing. Brightex Berry cuts while also providing an impressive shine while Brightex Sun improves clarity and enhances the finish. Also available in a mini size (approx. 140g) so you can try it out for yourself!

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Specifications of this product

approx. 1100 g (berry), approx. 1300 g (sun)

Part Number
Berry (40025), Sun (40026)

Berry (pre polish), Sun (mirror finish)