FICEP HP CNC Punch & Sheer Machines for Steel Angle

Metalworking Machinery & Equipment

Automatic CNC punching, drilling, notching, marking & shearing of angle and flat bar for tower and girder fabricators.

The FICEP line of CNC machines for steel angle are predominant throughout the world. With a history in automated machines spanning more that 40 years, chances are the power transmission pylons and telegraph poles you see were constructed thanks to a Ficep angle line.

Capacities for angle steel start at 120x120 x 13mm thick for the HP 12-T-4 650kN machine through to 200x200 x 25mm for the HP 20-T-6 1000kN machine. Cutting and punching of flats, channels & notching is an available option for most machines in the range.

The new High Performance (HP) series offers 20% more performance. The robust CNC angle lines offer high capacity hydraulic units with innovative circuits, resistance to fatigue & extreme climates and dedicated intuitive hardware and software. The new hydraulic circuits reduce cycle times and deliver more performance than previous models.

The HP lines are modular and can be combined in size and capacity as a work cell to carry out complete operations in a single pass.