By HG Farley LaserLab Co. Pty. Ltd

Multi-carriage capability exploits advanced design. The Trident is ideally suited to high volume cutting environments such as shipyards, steel service & distribution centers and shops where large parts or large batches of parts need to be processed on a regular basis. The ability to combine the characteristics of high speed profiling necessary for plasma cutting, and the heavy-duty robustness required for thick oxy fuel cutting, is the hallmark off this successful system. The Trident can process plate up to 12m (40’) wide. This can be in the form of one plate or multiple plates side by side. The system can have up to 20 cutting & marking tools installed. Some Farley LaserLab customers have a number of Trident machines, with different torch configurations, operating over an integrated cutting zone to provide total processing flexibility. Highly productive installations of those systems are operating in sectors as diverse as road transport equipment, railway rolling stock, shipbuilding, agricultural, earthmoving & mining equipment, civil construction equipment & general heavy fabrication. In these heavy duty environments where long service life & high throughput with high quality are vital, the Trident has proved to be robust & reliable enough to process large volumes of plate, three shifts per day, year in year out.