By CBC Bearings

Circlips Australia was established in February 1978, having obtained the sole agency for “Anderton  International” in Australia with the express purpose to market circlips together with disc springs, roll pins  and other fastener products, both directly and indirectly through our major distributor network across Australia and New Zealand.  This enables us to carry extensive inventories as well as tailored stocking programs and supply partnerships to the automotive, engineering, mining and industrial sectors.

Circlips Australia offers precision engineered products made to highest quality standards and high level of back up service and technical advice is offered to all customers. All products offered are manufactured according to ISO9002 or QS9000 achieving accreditation to ISO9002 in 1996.

Circlips Australia relies on CBC's National distribution network and is proud to be associated with it. CBC has a high degree of technical expertise and staff are continually updated with new products and specifications of our products through our training program. 

Product range carried by CBC includes...

  internal and external circlips
E-Clips (metric and imperial)
 push on heavy duty
 spring pins
disc springs
 pliers and applicators
 spiral rings
Handy Pak assortments