Open Mouth Gross Bagging Systems

By Kockums Bulk Systems Pty Ltd

The PB-12 gross weight bagging machine was specifically designed for the user requiring a reliable and accurate yet simple to operate manual bagging machine. This device is very suitable for the bagging of powders and granules into plastic, paper, jute or polypropylene open mouth bags.

It is very easy to install with mid-range production rates and low maintenance requirements.

The PB-15 on the other hand is the appropriate choice for dealing with sticky items or fine particles such as starches, milk powder, additives for the feed industry, and similar products. It is perfect for handling products that require highly repeatable weigh precision, with regular product change.

These devices come in special surface treatment or stainless steel versions with apprpriate electrical protection for the installation in hazardous situations. They also include de-aeration probes for very fluidized products and a special dosing system is available with modified screws for difficult products.