QuikEDGE Plasma Machine (Australian Made)


Only Australian Made machine at this budget - heavier duty, newer technology and faster cutting than the competition at the same price - so why go elsewhere?

Farley LaserLab Australia is introducing the latest in Hypertherm Technology at Affordable Pricing with the Farley QuikEDGE Connect Plasma Cutting Machine.

The QuikEDGE will be Australian Made! so no need to get USA or UK made machines when you can support the Australian Made Movement and get a heavier duty machine compared to the USA & UK toy like machines, Plus you get the latest technology from Farley LaserLab and Hypertherm Combined.

- Australian Engineered
- Australian Steel
- Australian Welding & Fabrication
- Australian Assemble
- Australian Electrical
- Australian Made ID: 8621

- USA Hypertherm Edge Connect Controller
- USA Hypertherm PowerMax Plasma
- USA Hypertherm Pronest LTS / LT CAM Software

The QuikEDGE Connect Plasma machine is a great long term acquisition for any workshop to be utilized for in house plasma cutting when they cannot wait for outside jobshops.

With its ability to upgrade from Hypertherm's PowerMax Range to its latest HD Plasma Suite it offers you the flexibility that small machines need.

Farley QuikEDGE Connect Plasma Machine Includes:

- Farley QuikEDGE Machine
- Water Cutting Table with Drainage
- Cutting Area: 1.5m Width x 3.0m Length (upgradeable to 6.0m Length)
- Hypertherm PowerMax Plasma Unit (upgradeable to HD Plasma)
- Latest* Hypertherm Edge Connect CNC Controller - 19inch Touch Screen
- Hypertherm Pronest LTS CAM Software
- 4-Axis EtherCAT Drives & Motors
- Farley Auto Height Lifter EtherCAT Driven
- Machine Speed up to 20m/min (actual speed not theoretical)
- Farley Factory Training Melbourne
- Machine Dimensions (1.5m x 3.0 Cut Area) = 2.4m Width x 4.0m Length

QuikEDGE Connect Machine Upgrades - Real money making upgrades

- Dry Cutting Table with 4 Fume Extraction Zones (reduces fume suction requirements)
- CHS Pipe Cutting Option
- CNC Spot Drilling up to 12mm Diameter MS
- CNC Oxy Cutting Torch
- CNC Air Scribe Marking Pen
- 2nd PowerMax 45XP Plasma Torch for Marking & Cutting
- CAMDUCT 2017 Machine Compatiable
- Integrated HVAC Decoiler
- Upgrade to Hypertherm HD Plasma Cutting (recommended to start with ELF 2 Machine)
- Upgrade to 6.0m Length Cutting
- Industrial Fume Extraction Unit
- Industrial Air Compressor, Dryer & Filter Package

So come in and visit us in our Factory and talk to us about your next plasma cutting machine.

Farley LaserLab Australia
92 Technology Drive, Sunshine West VIC 3020