Swift Metal Stamped, Square and Rectangular Washers

By Swift Metal Services

To accommodate nearly any commercial or industrial need, Swift Metal Services has manufacturing capabilities that includes custom washers and non-standard square or rectangular washers.

Custom square and rectangular washers complement diverse fastening applications across a broad range of industries including; automotive, construction, manufacturing and shop-fitting.

"C" Shape

"C" Washer

 "D" Shape

"D" Washer

"D" Shape - 2

"D" Rectangular Washer

Swift Metal Services manufacture flat sided, rectangular and square washers which are designed to prevent rotation and fit in restricted spaces that do not accommodate traditional round washers.

With cutting edge machinery the actual washer shape is virtually limitless but popular configurations include "D" Washers, "C" Washers and Rectanguar D Washers.

Customization options include a variety of materials and sizes that cover a range up to 150 mm² with thicknesses from 0.2mm through to 3mm.

Swift Metal Services square washers can be pressed or stamped from most commonly available materials including; carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, spring steels and galvanized steel.

Minimum order quantities can vary depending size but commonly is 200 washers.  For further information visit the website at