Yawei Nisshinbo HPE-3058 Servo Driven CNC Turret Punch Presses

By Applied Machinery

The HPE series from Yawei Nisshinbo is the latest in Turret Punch Presses from this premier manufacturer. A technology partnership between Yawei and Nisshinbo to produce these servo driven CNC turret punch presses has been a massive success.

Applied Machinery is proud to represent Yawei-Nisshinbo in Australia and these machines are an impressive addition to the already formidable machine tool lineup from the factory.

In a time where electricity usage and carbon footprints are becoming more and more critical in day to day operations of many business across Australia it comes as no surprise that the latest Servo driven turret punch presses use a fraction of the power of the previous generation of hydraulic machines.

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The HPE-3058 features an impressive list of specifications and standard inclusions, just take a look


  • LUSTSP servo punch system, manufactured in Germany
  • 30 ton material punching capacity
  • generous 1500 x 5000mm maximum sheet capacity after one repositioning
  • 40 station tool turret featuring 2 auto index (D) stations
  • A very quick maximum hit rate of 1500spm
  • 3 pneumatic, movable sheet clamps
  • brush table to extra sheet protection, especially important for stainless jobs
  • Siemens 802D CNC control system
  • CAD software featuring nesting from one of the leaders in the industry - Metalix

Optional extras can be added to suit your requirements, they include air blow oil mist, multi-tool device, programmable clamps, stainless tables, Leitz light guards and of course numerous turret configuration to best suit your jobs.


In a nutshell, the HPE series of CNC servo driven turret punch presses are a world quality machine that won't break the bank. These machines are affordable, reliable and should definitely be considered when you are evaluation turret punch press options for your organisation.

We have been selling Yawe-Nisshinbo turret punch presses for years now and are happy to provide a reference list for you to get first hand information on how these machines are performing on the factory floor.