Metal Bending

By Wilson & Gilkes

Automated Panel Bending

The P4 Panel Bender is a highly intelligent, extremely efficient bending cell —combining universal tooling, responsive software and agile material handling into a single operation. Whether imported as a new CAD drawing or selected from the programme’s archive of previously manufactured designs, Quality is apparent in every part produced by the Salvagnini P4 Panel Bender.

The Advanced Bending Technology (ABT) directs all bending activities ensuring constant angles, eliminating potential dimensional tolerance problems, monitoring environmental changes and making the necessary adjustments to maintain accuracy and consistency.

The P4’s patented Universal Bending Tool provides the flexibility to enable all types of bends and radii. The P4 sheet manipulator ensures accuracy with the integrated rotator turning the blank to the proper angle for bending by the Universal Bending Tool. Speed and part quality are unprecedented.

Automated CNC Folding

Salvagnini’s Roboformer G2 automated bending cell is the personification of design philosophy with all sheetmetal processing cells, however configured, behaving as single machines, with a single brain. All movements are directed by Salvagnini’s cutting-edge SiX controller and Camformer software automatically programs the entire Roboformer G2 system. Press brake bending of large, heavy parts has never been this easy.

Roboformer has the power to automatically synchronize all movements of both press brake and robot directly from solid models – totally offline – and without interrupting active production. Roboformer incorporates both EasyForm Laser and SoftLink self-monitoring and self-correction systems to ensure perfect alignment of blanks and perfect bend angles.

Large CNC Folding

With the latest technology in large CNC folding machinery, we are capable of folding large components with lengths up to 3,500mm. These folders have 4 axes, and are driven by hydraulic motors with a 500mm throat for folding large cubicles while maintaining tight tolerances on angles and dimensions.

Detailed CNC Folding
Our range of press brakes are designed for high precision in the most demanding production, with increased productivity, high reliability, lower energy consumption and less maintenance requirements.

3-Point Bending
We offer 3-point bending, an innovative process similar to block bending for simple and complex bending processes with the highest level of angle precision.

With hydro cushioning for constant power distribution and automatic overload protection, high flexibility, efficiency and productivity thanks to a slim tool system and comprehensive CAD/CAM solution: From file to finished part.