Laser Profile Scanner (2D/3D)

By Bestech Australia

Laser profile scanning sensors measure two- and/or three dimension acquisition of the profiles on various scanning surfaces of the targets. Based on laser triangulation principle, non-contact 2D/3D profile scanning sensors have high-frequency and customised integration types finding applications in stationary and moving measurement conditions
Measuring range z-axis: 10 – 300mm
x-axis: 10 – 148mm
Linearity: z-axis: ±0.2%
Pixel Resolution: x-axis: up to 1024 points/profile
Scanning Frequency: up to 4k Hz
Data rate: 265K points/se
The 2D and 3D laser profile scanners can be operated in a stationary mode where bead and groove measurements are taking place by installing the scanner on a fixed unit looking at moving objects. They can be also set up on scanning mode in conjunction with a motion control device or a robot that is moving itself to generate 3D-data that offers the visualization picture of the measurands and exports measurement values in ASCII/STL.
The significant features of the software in the new CD 8.0 are listed below:

- scanCONTROL 3D-View 2.4:
  + Full support of Windows 8 and 8.1 (32bit and 64bit)

  + Save profile sequence for later offline analysis

  + All functions are available without the need for a dongle in demo mode

 + Limitation of maximum number of points to be displayed has been increased (Depends on several settings and RAM/Paging file)

  + Data transfer optimized --> Higher scan rates for scanCONTROL 2650/2750/2950 available

  + Export of data in csv-format

  + Adjustable point size and background color in the 3D-View

  + New "dynamic" option for the "threshold" parameter

  + Subsequent filtering of unfiltered offline profile sequences

For more details pleases download product brochure  here.