Laser Long Distance Sensor

By Bestech Australia

Optoelectronic sensors are designed for non-contact distance, displacement, position and speed measurements. Due to the long measuring distance, these long range sensors are ideal for measurements on critical surfaces from a safe distance, e.g. hot metal, and are particularly useful in filling level measurement, height measurement & positioning of lifting systems, overhead conveyors, crane systems, and more safety applications. Long service life and high accuracy are enabled by the non-contact and wear free techniques
Measuring range: 0-3000m
Linearity :± 2mm
Repeatability: ±2 mm
Resolution rate: 0.0125 mm
Response time: 0.5 ms
The ILR102X, 103X, 110X, 115X and 119X sensors operate according to the time of flight measurement principle. A laser diode in the sensor produces short laser pulse which are projected onto the target. The light reflected from the target is recorded by the sensor element. The ILR118X sensors operate according to the phase comparison principle. High frequency modulated laser light with low amplitude is transmitted to the target. Depending on the distance of the object, the distance changes the phase relationship between transmitted and received signal.
The sensors have extremely wide measuring range with outstanding repeatability and fast responding time. Due to compact design, excellent performance/price ratio is offered. Full range of models can be used indoors and/or outdoors for both static and moving measurands. 
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