Laser sensors for reflecting surfaces

By Bestech Australia

Special sensor optoNCDT 1700D for optical distance measurement of direct reflecting materials is available from Bestech Australia. 

Three sensors with the measuring ranges of 2mm, 10mm and 20mm are designed specifically for use with polished metals, glass or chrome-plated products. The high measuring rate of 2.5kHz and the maximum resolution of 0.1µm make precise measurement of the desired targets possible.

The reflected laser beam is guided into the receiving array by tilting the sensor and is then directly converted into an electrical signal by the integrated controller.

As well as the integrated controller, the series also incorporates a foil keypad directly on the sensor, whereby adjustments without configuration software are possible. The comprehensive ILD Tool 1700 software, which also makes a measured value display possible, is included as standard for more simplified operation of the sensor at a computer. A different tilt angle is necessary for each sensor depending on the measuring range. Therefore, mounting stencils for easy alignment of the sensors to the target are included as standard. 

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