Orion - Laser Power Meter and Laser Energy Meter

By Raymax Lasers

Ophir smart displays are true plug and play instruments. Just plug in any of the more than 70 Ophir smart heads and the instrument is calibrated and configured to measure laser power and energy with that smart-heads detectors.
Only Ophir offers this feature with all types of photodiode, thermal and pyroelectric smart-heads detectors. Nanowatts to Kilowatts, nanoJoules to Kilojoules - one display will do it all. This means your Ophir displays are obsolescence free - you can always add a new head to your system. You can also add a new display to your system and any display will be compatible with any smart-head detector.

Orion PD for photodiode heads

  • Supports all Ophir photodiode heads - 200-1800 nm.
  • Wavelength corrected at 1 nm increments with user selected favorite wavelength for ease to use.
  • nW to 3W dynamic range
  • Patented dynamic background subtraction
  • Displays Watts or dBM
  • Auto or manual range
  • Laser tuning screen to maximize laser power

Orion TH for thermopile heads

  • Supports over 50 Ophir thermal heads - uW to 20kW
  • Fast response power measurement with auto or manual ranging
  • Corrected for major laser wavelengths
  • Laser tuning screen to maximize laser power
  • Offset background at the push of a button

Orion PE for pyroelectric heads

  • Supports all Ophir pyroelectric heads and PD10 nanojoule meter
  • Measure laser energy from nJ to 60J
  • Frequencies up to 5 kHz
  • Energy logging and statistics
  • Built in wavelength correction